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The Best Of The Small Stuff Counts 2016 (Yearbook Style)

Since we’re already halfway through January, it’s high time we recap the past year with our annual ‘best of’ post. It’s hard to believe it’s that time already!

We’re going to have a little fun and look back at the most memorable posts of 2016 yearbook style. I loved reading The DIY Playbook’s yearbook recap a few weeks ago, so I’m going to follow suit – thanks for the inspiration, ladies!

So, what happened at The Small Stuff Counts in 2016? Let’s take a walk down memory lane and look back at some of the most popular and memorable posts from the past year…

Best Celebrity Look-Alike

One of your favorite projects of the year was this magnolia wreath, which has a strong resemblance to the wreaths Joanna Gaines uses all over her fixer uppers. $16 in supplies was all it took to create this celebrity look-alike!

What a gorgeous but thrifty diy magnolia wreath. It looks beautiful hanging on that vintage window.

Biggest Drama Queen

I took on our bedroom for the spring edition of the One Room Challenge, and I certainly achieved some drama! I was nervous to go so dark on the walls, but am now completely in love with that dramatic, moody navy. What a big improvement from the former bland beige! This room became a lot more stylish and polished this year.

This navy bedroom is gorgeous! Check out what she did in just five weeks for the One Room Challenge. Lots of bedroom DIY projects and pretty details.

Most Studious

Another popular post from the year was about the benefits of doing a brain dump. It’s certainly something the studious kids would do! I love the brain dump technique and highly recommend doing it often if you don’t already. It’s an awesome way to declutter your mind!

When your mind is on overdrive, you have probably noticed that it's difficult to accomplish much of anything. Learn how a quick brain dump can help clear your mind. #ProductivityTip

Most Likely To Be Hiding Out At The Library

It’s not the most glamorous title to have, but someone has to do it! My tips for organizing your mail and eliminating paper clutter from last January were a huge hit. I’m glad some of you like to nerd out on paper organization like I do!

It's time to get rid of my piles of mail all over and get them organized!

Most Organized

The post about organizing your email inbox was also a favorite of 2016, which tells me we all could improve on the email organization front.

This makes organizing seem so easy! How to organize any space in 7 easy steps

Biggest Risk Taker

The biggest risk I took last year was writing my first ebook! It was a lot of work and scary to put something like this out there, but I’m so glad I went for it. Crush Your Week has been so well received since it launched last week, and I’m thankful to all of you who have supported this project and encouraged me to go for it. Thank you! (Pssstt…the launch pricing ends this weekend, so don’t forget to grab your copy!)

Struggling with time management? Organize your schedule with Crush Your Week: The Complete Guide To Designing An Intentional Weekly Routine. This isn't simply an ebook, but an action guide packed with practical advice and helpful worksheets.

Most Easily Distracted

Last summer, I wrote a post all about the biggest decorating mistake I made as a newbie homeowner. It’s easy to fall into the trap of being distracted by a big to-do list and a lot of empty rooms to decorate, but sometimes it’s best to hold off and live in a house for a while rather than jumping into decorating head first.

I'm so glad I read this! Such good reminders about how to decorate when you move into a new house. I'd totally be guilty of making these mistakes.

Most Likely To Color Code Their Closet

I shared the seven big lessons I learned from the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up book, which most definitely deserves the award of “Most Likely To Color Code Their Closet.” 😉 You all really enjoyed this post, which makes me so happy! I had fun kon mari-ing my way through a few areas of our house in 2016 and maybe I’ll get through a few more categories this year.

An organizing addict's 4 key takeaways from The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. See how this blogger is putting the KonMari Method into practice.

Most Popular

By far the most popular blog post of 2016 was the one about my little secret for keeping clothing off our bedroom floor. I imagine it had something to do with the title, which pinners loved! Although my secret isn’t necessarily earth-shattering, I swear by adding these to your bedroom!

I was so sick of having clothing piled up all over our bedroom floor. This organizing tip helped me organize my bedroom once and for all.

Most Artistic

The most popular crafty post of 2016 was the one where I shared 15 DIY wedding gifts you can make with a Silhouette cutting machine. This is definitely for all of the crafty and artsy kids in class!

Silhouette Wedding Gifts Feature

Most Hard Working

My tips for staying motivated and getting more done by using a timer were a hit and will definitely help you work harder.

Set a timer and get stuff done. Love this productivity tip.

Biggest Teacher’s Pet

Following a schedule and not skipping class are classic teacher’s pets traits, which is why the blog post on theming your days is the winner of this award!

Follow these three tips to theme your days. This is a great time management strategy for those that don't want to plan exact tasks at specific times during their days. It's time to get organized!

Most Likely To Make Millions

I shared my experience with a new-to-me budgeting software and how it has helped us budget for home projects, and I’m so glad to hear many of you are also fans of YNAB (You Need A Budget). If any post on this blog could make you millions, this would be the one!

Struggling with time management? Organize your schedule with Crush Your Week: The Complete Guide To Designing An Intentional Weekly Routine. This isn't simply an ebook, but an action guide packed with practical advice and helpful worksheets.

Biggest Transformation

It’s too soon to really judge how popular December’s blog posts will end up being, but the front runner is most definitely this thrifty Christmas tree makeover. It was certainly an awesome transformation!

You have to check out what this Christmas tree looked like before she decorated it! Wow! What a genius hack to fluff up and makeover your scraggly tree on a budget. Check out her tips for decorating a Christmas tree.

Best Dressed

I tackled our bathroom for the One Room Challenge this fall and am in love with the finished room. I learned some new DIY skills with this room makeover and still have several project tutorials I haven’t had the chance to share with you yet! I’m so glad you all loved the before and afters I shared in the reveal post back in November. Our bathroom may be small, but it’s the only one we have and it feels so nice to have a pretty space now.

Check out this neutral gray bathroom with white board and batten. Love this One Room Challenge room makeover! It's amazing what you can do to transform a small bathroom.

Most Likely To Be President

A post I shared just a couple weeks ago has already been making its way into the top ranks. High achievers, like those that aspire to be the president, definitely know the importance of goal setting. I’m glad you all liked the free printable and tips!

This is a great process for setting realistic 90-day goals. Love the free printable goal setting worksheet.

Most Likely To Be Martha Stewart

This fall wreath was a simple DIY project and I just know Martha Stewart would be proud of you for making it!

This looks like a really easy ribbon wreath project I could diy for cheap. Love the fall banner!

Most Likely To Get To School On Time

If you missed this post on morning habits from earlier in the year, it’s a good one!

I really need to follow these tips in my daily routine! Such easy morning habits to maintain an organized home.

Best School Spirit

Our kitchen is the room makeover with the most sunny and cheerful personality. I love all of the happy blues and greens, which look amazing when the sun streams in through those south-facing windows. If any room were to have the most spirit, it’s this one!

This happy kitchen is full of whites, blues and greens. Shows even small kitchens can look pretty!

Wow, 2016 was a fun-filled year packed with projects and posts. Thanks so much for following along – blogging wouldn’t be any fun without awesome readers like you!

Cheers to an amazing 2017!






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