This living room looks so pretty! Love all of those blue pillows and that picture ledge/gallery wall.

Casual Friday 02 – Organizing Love, Two Fav Podcasts, The Crown, Etc.

I’m back for the second round of Casual Fridays, where I share all of the latest things I’m loving like books, podcasts, recent purchases, blogs, funny stories and life updates! I always enjoy learning about new things that my favorite bloggers are digging, so I hope you discover some new-to-you goodies this week. I’d love to hear your recent favorites in the comments!

The last few weeks have been pretty uneventful in our house. I’d say the highlight was seeing both sides of our families last weekend and becoming godparents to my little nephew. The lowlight was definitely our car not starting, having to be towed and taking a week to figure out what was wrong with it. Oh, and we only have one car. Thankfully we only had to walk a few blocks to work a couple times before they hooked us up with a loner car. Note to self: I really am not a red car kind of gal.


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I’m going to warn you now that every Casual Friday post will probably have a picture of my puppy in it. Isn’t she so stinkin’ adorable? Freya is really good at sitting now, but has yet to fully grasp the other commands. We’ve started taking her on little walks around the neighborhood, which she loves. She also loves my electric blanket ;).

We’re starting what I hope becomes a new tradition this weekend! David actually suggested this, and I was impressed! We’re going to choose one day a month where we each make a delicious dessert and then see who’s turned out the best. I think it will be so fun to choose a theme or category of dessert each month! We’re going to give it a try this weekend and I think it will be really fun. Neither of us enjoy being in the kitchen, so this will hopefully help us improve our baking skills!

I watched The Crown over a month ago now, and I still cannot get it out of my head. I’m about to rewatch it, which is something I NEVER do. Yes, it’s that good! It’s tied with House of Cards as my favorite show of the last year.

I organized my tupperware and it makes me smile every time I open it! It only took me 20 minutes, but I’d put it off for over a year. How silly is that? The hardest part of organization projects like this is just getting started.

I walked around my house and made a list of things I don’t love after reading this post: How We’re Embracing Minimalism and Learning to Live With Less (I like their down-to-earth approach, not quite as extreme as moving into a Tiny House!).

I wake up every Monday morning excited for new episodes of these two podcasts all about home decor: The Chris Loves Julia Podcast and Young House Love Has A Podcast.

This Instagram account. It’s like it’s straight out of a magazine or L.L. Bean catalogue! They are two of the most photogenic Instagrammers I follow. Do you think someone follows them around with a camera all the time?

I think you’ll enjoy this girl’s Facebook Live videos. She also has a blog and book, but last year she did live videos with productivity tips almost every day. So there’s a good backlog of tips to watch if you need some inspiration.

I’m thinking of building a shelf like this to organize all of my paint. I’m already dreaming of all of the fun I could have color coding it!

For my bloggers, don’t miss out on this Blogging Made Simple training! It’s free and packed with helpful information for growing a successful, profitable blog.

Have a wonderful weekend, friend!


This post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure here.

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