Dip-Dyed Tin Can Vases

It is so completely satisfying to turn trash into treasure. I saved up some tin cans and turned them into these beautiful dip-dyed tin can vases. And it’s super easy….go ahead, give it a try!

First off, you’ll want to save up some tin cans and wash them out. Then give them a facelift with chalk paint. I had these blues and greens on hand, so that’s what I went with. I used painter’s tape to tape off the bottom portion so I could paint on the dip-dye effect.


Once your paint is dry, you’ll want to use a hammer and nail to point a few holes in the bottom of each can to allow for water to drain out. Then all you need is a little potting soil and some flowers and you have yourself a beautiful cluster of dip-dyed tin can flower vases.


This is a super simple DIY project that can be completed in an afternoon. That’s something I love, since I’m always starting much larger projects that have no end in sight. I thoroughly enjoyed doing a little painting in front of the TV and then simply plopping some flowers in them. And look at how gorgeous they are! I am so happy with how pretty they look as a cluster on our patio table. Just one single can might not look like much, but they look beautiful in a cluster like this, don’t you think?





Dip Dyed Tin Can Vases 2


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