Ditto This! Steal These 6 Ideas To Maximize Your Living Room Space

We’re trying out something new today. When I’m out for a walk or run by myself, I always pick out a house and then spend the rest of the time dreaming up what it would look like inside. It’s so fun to see how people choose to decorate and arrange their spaces, which is part of what I love about Pinterest.

I’m going to share some of my favorite rooms on the blog from time to time and tell you what I ditto about them (in other words, what ideas I’d steal). People have often told me I have an eye for designing and arranging rooms, so I’m hoping I can share some thoughts and ideas with you and have some fun looking at pretty rooms. Here’s today’s inspiration, a room by S.A.S Interiors (thank you for the inspiration!).


Photo Credit: SAS Interiors

Photo Credit: SAS Interiors

I ditto…

one room doing double duty
I love rooms that look put together, and also serve multiple purposes. This is a great living room area and it also has a designated office space (bonus points for all that natural light by the desk!). Everything flows together and creates a functional, livable space.

floor to ceiling curtains
Tall curtains make the room look larger. I love floor to ceiling curtains even if your windows don’t go all the way to the ceiling because they make the ceiling feel higher and the windows feel larger.

a lot of shelving
Everyone should have several bookshelves to stash their things. They’re handy for books of course, but also useful for storing games, craft supplies, you name it. Bookshelves can also look very polished if you spend some time styling their contents.

tables with storage
Coffee tables are great for storage. This one is especially awesome because of the bottom shelf, which is perfect for stashing magazines, mail, blankets, etc. in a huge basket.

huge bulletin board
I love that this board is a functional place for notes and reminders but also doubles as a large piece of art. An inspiration board like this in your living room could definitely serve as a conversation starter when you are entertaining guests.

garden stools
I have had my eye on garden stools similar to these lately, and now I definitely want to go get one of my own. They’re tough to spot in this photo, but that’s the beauty of them. They are compact and make great little end tables. They also double as extra seating for guests, and they can easily be moved around the room. They would also be really easy to paint to fit any color scheme.


What do you ditto about this room? Leave a comment about what you want to steal from this space. And if you are in love with it, I’d recommend heading over to the SAS Interiors blog because she has all sorts of pretty photos of this space that are drool-worthy.


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