Happy Mail! Send a fun & thrifty snail mail package

I love some good ol’ snail mail, and I recently went beyond a simple letter and mailed a little package to my sister to thank her for helping me paint our dining room and as a little gift for her birthday. The best thing about this is she opened her mailbox to find this bright package waiting for her. The second best thing about this is that it’s made out of an empty Crystal Light plastic container. These containers are perfect for happy mail. You can stuff them with little trinkets and fun items, then just tape it shut and it can be mailed as-is. No need to wrap it or put it in a box!

Happy Snail Mail 1

I used my Silhouette to cut out a fun shape for the address and used packing tape to fasten it to the container. Add a bit of washi tape and it’s instantly a colorful gift.

Happy Snail Mail 7

Fill it with anything that fits, but keep it under 13 oz. and you can mail it as First Class Mail through the USPS. This package cost me $2.50 in postage. I packed it with some fun office supplies since my sister shares my obsession with them 🙂

Happy Snail Mail 3

Tuck in a letter (using supplies from your snail mail box), snap on the lid and tape it shut! Then it’s off to the post office to send your happy mail on the way to its lucky recipient.

Who can you send happy mail to? Fill their mailbox with an unexpected package. It will brighten their day and make a big impression when they find it sitting among a pile of white envelopes and junk mail.

Happy Snail Mail Title Tall

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