Is this really a job?

Today marks three years since I started my very first job out of college. I somehow managed to find a job that still excites and challenges me every day, even three years later. But I often wonder: am I really working? Seriously, I enjoy it so much that I wake up ready to get to work, and I often have to pull myself away at the end of the day.

When I was finishing up college and job hunting, I had so many interests that I thought I’d be on my second or third job by this point. But somehow the universe led me to this charming town and I’ve fallen in love with my job and my city. I feel extremely blessed to have found this place right out of college, and I really don’t have any plans to leave. How did I get so lucky?

My job has morphed into a thousand different things since day one, which is part of the reason I think I’m still doing it. Actually, it’s weird to think that I almost didn’t end up here at all. They ended up giving the marketing job I applied for to someone with much more experience than me (ahem Bryan). I guess I was just meant to be here anyway because they added a new position just a couple weeks later and I accepted it. I wasn’t sure what being an executive assistant would be like, but I knew I would be great at organizing and scheduling, plus I just felt a force pushing me to Grinnell.

After learning a ton from Bryan, he left less than a year later and I ended up with the position I originally applied for. It was actually a really great transition for me to get settled in the “real world” and learn from someone who knew what he was doing. And even though he’s on to other projects, Bryan is still there lending me ideas and advice whenever I ask. I’ve gotten to know so many incredible people here, especially my boss Angela. I obviously don’t have a ton of work experience, but I really think she’ll be the best boss I’ll ever have. She’s taught me a ton, been a fantastic mentor, given me the freedom I need to thrive, and become an amazing friend.

You may be sitting there wondering what exactly I do in my job. Honestly, I still haven’t found a great way to explain it. I usually tell people I do all the marketing for the chamber of commerce. But it’s really not that simple. Every single day is different. I might be designing a poster or planning an event one day and I could be greeting a busload of tourists or helping an entrepreneur with a marketing plan the next day. I love the variety. With a staff of three in an organization that moves incredibly fast, there’s no time to be bored (thank goodness!). I always have so many things to do, plus a ton of ideas for future projects swimming around in my head. Our organization’s mission is to grow and develop the local economy. And we go about that a gazillion different ways. So yeah, I still haven’t exactly figured out what I do, but I know that my work makes a difference in my community and I love every second of it.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post, which is a list of things I’ve learned about the real world and how it’s different from college life. I hope your week is off to a magnificent start! I’m celebrating my three year workiversary by, you guessed it, working! Happy Monday.

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