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I am almost constantly glued to some sort of screen. In fact, right now I’m typing on my laptop with my iPad and phone both right next to me. I really do love technology, and it helps my sanity to keep most things digital so they don’t get lost and can be searched easily later on. But when it comes to brainstorming and jotting down ideas, I insist on using paper. Paper has a magical power that a screen just doesn’t. Do you agree?

Idea Journal

For some reason my mind has been just overflowing with ideas more than usual this week. Maybe its the spring weather on the way (I’ll believe it when I see it). Hand writing something helps me remember it and helps me focus. I have notebooks upon notebooks full of ideas stashed away. Some are for a specific topic, but most are just filled with random thoughts and ideas. I find myself scribbling down all sorts of notes. Sometimes I’m feeling super creative and my brain is on overdrive, so writing everything down helps me capture my thoughts and clear my mind.

I always have a notebook beside my bed so when I wake up in the middle of the night I can jot down my thoughts and get back to sleep. And I actually always have paper with me at the gym because running on the treadmill equates to a mind swirling with thoughts, probably because it’s about the only time I’m not attached to my gadgets. Running has become some of my best thinking time. I also have a small journal specifically for this blog where I keep track of all kinds of ideas for future posts.

Idea Journal

I am always mulling over new ideas, but if I don’t get them on paper I will most likely get wrapped up in the day-to-day and forget about them. I envision flipping through my journals twenty years from now and reminding myself of all the creative ideas I had once. Maybe they’ll spark an idea down the road, like a new business or a new book (hey, the sky’s the limit here). If nothing else, they might be useful to someone writing my biography someday 🙂

I highly recommend everyone have an idea journal. Even if you don’t consider yourself a creative person, I’m sure you have random thoughts running through your head. Like ‘you know, if I owned this business I would do this differently’ or ‘someday, I think it would be really awesome to do this’. I really believe that there are no dumb ideas and every single one–no matter how big or small it seems at the time–is worth getting on paper. If you’re looking for advice on sparking more creativity in your life, check out my creativity checklist for ideas to get your brain in idea mode. I look for smaller size journals that travel well. If you’re wondering what’s stashed in my big purse, I always have at least one of these notebooks in there.

How do you process ideas? Do you journal? What have you done recently to do less consuming and more creating? I’d love to hear your tips and thoughts on keeping track of your creativity in this world.

Idea Journal

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