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I’m jumping into to the Blog Post Challenge that Brittany over at Simply Adapting is doing this month. The challenge includes a post topic for every day during March, but I’m going to skip around and just cover a few of the topics rather than every day. Today’s topic is “20 Facts About Y.O.U.” I like learning random facts about people, and I really enjoy it when the bloggers I follow publish posts like this from time to time. So, here are 20 tidbits about yours truly.

  1. I was searching through Facebook pictures to find one of me for this post. For some reason this random one seemed just right. I guess because this is a random list of facts? In case you’re wondering, that’s me at Tulip Time in Pella pretending to pick a tulip (since I’ve been told it’s illegal to pick one in that crazy Dutch town. Is that even a real rule?).
  2. I’m one of those people who hasn’t seen any of the movies you consider staples. You would not believe how often David does a double take and rolls his eyes when I don’t pick up on his movie references. I don’t know how you people have found enough time in your lives to watch so many movies!

  3. I had never followed a TV show from start to finish until graduating from college. I finally finished every season of Gossip Girls last weekend. And I am currently obsessing over Pretty Little Liars and Heart of Dixie. I apparently only like girly shows. David and I have been watching a ton of How I Met Your Mother. I thinking we’re finally on one of the final seasons!

  4. I spent my childhood dreaming of being a dancer, but I was never able to take any sort dance lessons. Making the dance team in ninth grade was a huge deal to me, and I enjoyed every second of it. I was on the dance team for four years of high school and then four years of college. I miss it so much! My new outlet is teaching Zumba classes. It’s not quite the same, but it’s fun!

  5. I always wanted to be an English/Speech teacher except for a brief period in ninth and tenth grades when i was absolutely crazy about becoming a band teacher. I finally realized I could not count and I really didn’t have a very good ear for pitch. I just really, really loved playing my flute. I discovered my interest in marketing and public relations later on in high school, which I attribute to being a dairy princess and being involved in the 4-H communications program. I went to college intending to double major in education and communications, but decided teaching wasn’t for me after the first year. I think I’ll be a teacher in my next life though.

  6. I love taking personality tests. They are insanely interesting! My nerdy self doesn’t just take a quick online test and move on, though. I study my results and retake tests and study them some more. And then if it’s a really interesting test I made my husband take it. I’m actually planning to write an entire blog post on this subject soon (I’m sure this sounds super riveting to you 🙂 )

  7. To fill in those of you who haven’t met me in real life, I’m super short. As in I don’t quite reach the 5 foot mark. People love busting out their classic short jokes for me, and I laugh along. Being short hasn’t ever bothered me much. The only times I get upset about it is when I’m shopping for jeans or tall boots, two nearly impossible tasks for my stubby legs.

  8. I am the oldest of four kids. We were all born within six years, and I have always loved having siblings so close in age. I’m not sure how my parents stayed sane! I exhibit very strong oldest child traits. Personality traits in relation to birth order fascinate me.

  9. Any chance to learn and take notes makes me happy, especially when I have a pretty colored pen/marker and paper to take notes with. I’m such a nerd.

  10. I am a nail biter and I have been since grade school. I clearly remember the day (probably 3rd or 4th grade) when my mom offered to pay if I’d stop biting my nails. I tried to stop for a day and then decided it wasn’t even worth trying. My habit has died down quite a bit since then, but I still do it when I’m nervous, stressed or bored.

  11. I have always loved games. I would have played Monopoly Junior and Scrabble Junior with my mom every day if she would have let me. And I’d play Bananagrams with David every day if he would let me. Sigh. My stash of party games is starting to get out of control considering I rarely play any of them. I usually get super competitive, which is probably why people don’t always want to play with me. Ask David about the time we ended an intense game of Civilization with me in tears (I know, I’m pathetic.)

  12. I have always been the kind of person that knows a lot of people, but I haven’t had many best friends. I’ve always floated between groups and been involved in so many things that I get to know a little about a lot of people, but I rarely spend enough time with someone to develop a true friendship. I would really like a few more strong friendships so I’m working on it.
  13. Even though I don’t get much enjoyment out of cooking, I really enjoy grocery shopping. I love how the store is so perfectly categorized into different sections. I can easily spend an hour roaming through the aisles and looking at all the random foods in their pretty packages.

  14. I cannot swim. If someone threw me in the middle of the deep end of a pool, I’d likely panic and drown. I honestly don’t think I could get myself to the edge. I did take swimming lessons in elementary and they were torture. Especially the lesson where they made us jump off the diving board. One teacher had to push me off, and then I did my best to land right on top of the teacher waiting for me in the water. I’m sure she didn’t enjoy me landing on her head and flailing all over the place.

  15. I don’t like my handwriting. I often try practicing writing differently, but I always go back to the old way when I’m in a hurry.

  16. Random facts about me are not complete without a mention of my odd phobia of baked beans. I don’t know where this stems from, but baked beans are just plain disgusting. I’ve had nightmares about drowning in them. I won’t even touch an unopened can. I eat green beans, but any sort of baked or refried beans are completely off limits.
  17. I eat a boring bowl of Cheerios or Corn Flakes with milk every single morning (and for a lot of other meals). If I’m feeling crazy, I sometimes add a sliced banana on top.

  18. Beer of any kind disgusts me. I’ve tried to force myself into liking it but have given up. I stick to white wine and girly drinks. I recently started drinking ciders, so that’s opened up some new options.

  19. I never played with dolls much, but one year my sister Amy and I saved up our money and bought American Girl Dolls. I read every single book and drooled over all the pretty clothes in the catalog. I had Felicity, who was a colonial girl from Virginia. I always imagined I was her, even sitting up super straight and crossing my ankles during church.

  20. I’m a perfectionist and care way too much about what others think of me. I have a mini heart attack every time I hit publish on a blog post, because I’m telling the world all about me here and what if they don’t like me? So thanks for reading and for all the comment love. If you made it to the end of this post, then I’m going to assume you don’t hate me so let’s be friends.

Now it’s your turn to share! I’d love to hear a random fact about you in the comments below.

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