write charming snail mail

6 pointers for writing charming snail mail

How many of you (like me!) texted a quick “thanks” for a gift you received over the holidays? In a world where everything is less than 140 characters, people appreciate a hand-written thank you note more than ever. January 8-14 is Universal Letter Writing Week, a perfect occasion to get out a real pen and write to someone.

Don’t you just love to receive pretty, hand-written notes in your mailbox? I know I do and, judging from how popular my How To Create A Snail Mail Box post is on Pinterest, I think a lot of people are craving tangible, colorful, meaningful letters.

write charming snail mail

To celebrate Universal Letter Writing Week, choose just three people who you are going to write notes to this week. Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Keep it short & sweet
You don’t need to write a novel (unless you want to, I suppose). A short postcard or notecard of sorts will work just as well. If you keep them short, then you’ll have time to write to multiple people!

2. Use pretty stationary
Make it easy on yourself by keeping a selection of pretty stationary on hand. There are so many gorgeous note cards out there in a variety of colors, patterns, shapes and designs. I definitely recommend getting cards that come with colorful envelopes. They are sure to stand out and add some cheer to your friends’ mailbox.

3. Write with a fancy pen
Writing is always more enjoyable when you get to use a super fancy pen or colorful felt-tip markers. Buy yourself a nice one and use it exclusively for writing letters.

4. Send ‘just because’ notes
Who says you need a special occasion to send snail mail? Notes always feel extra special when you aren’t expecting them. If you don’t know what to talk about in your note, mention a shared experience you had or fond memory that crossed your mind. One of my goals this year is to write short notes to my friends whenever I get those “hey, you remember when we…” thoughts. I’m usually quick to text these things to let friends know I’m thinking of them, but a pretty note would make it even more special. You can also mention things you’ve discovered that they’d enjoy, like that new book or website you know they would love.

5. Create a snail mail box
Check out my tips for organizing your snail mail supplies. It will make letter writing super convenient!

6. Reciprocate
While it’s rewarding to send a special note, it’s extra fun when you find a reply waiting in your mailbox. Don’t forget to reply to the notes you receive.

People will be charmed and flattered to get a note from you in their mailbox. Handwritten notes are very special, rare treats these days. Whether you are saying ‘thank you’, offering congratulations, or writing a note ‘just because’, make it a personal goal to send more snail mail this year. Now, I’m off to get started on a few notes of my own.

write charming snail mail


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