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15 Decorating & DIY Projects You Don’t Want To Miss {Best Of 2017}

The end of the year means it’s time to look back at the “best of” the blog for 2017. I love writing this post every year and reminding myself of the projects I did and seeing which were the reader favorites. I already shared the most popular organizing tips and projects from the year, and today I’m back to share the best decorating and DIY projects!


Check out these popular decorating and DIY projects! All kinds of ideas like upgrading flat doors, patching concrete steps, paper flowers, DIY gifts, planning room makeovers, and more.

The Best Decorating And DIY Projects Of 2017

Project #1: Embracing Navy

Painting our bedroom navy was such a big risk for me but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat! I’ve never gone that bold on the walls before but now I’m itching to get some navy paint on the walls of our new house. Navy is having a moment right now and people have loved this post with some of my favorite navy blue paint colors.

– Nine Striking Navy Blue Paint Colors For Your Next Room Makeover

This navy bedroom is gorgeous! Check out what she did in just five weeks for the One Room Challenge. Lots of bedroom DIY projects and pretty details.

Project #2: Updated Doors

If I had to choose my favorite home project from 2017, it would definitely be this door makeover! Painting all of the doors in our last house was the best decision I made for giving the place a fresh, modern look. This project also taught me that switching out hardware can make a huge impact!

– Update A Flat Door For $15 Using Trim & Paint

Here's a DIY door tutorial to take your interior doors to the next level. This is an easy way to update a flat door using trim and minimum tools. I love the picture frame molding she added to her door, and the transformation from an ugly pine door to a stunning black door is incredible! Love that she chose to paint it black.

Project #3: Washing A House Exterior

We spent an afternoon cleaning up the siding of our house and it was well worth it! Our gutters were filthy!

– Washing Your House Exterior Without A Pressure Washer (Siding, Gutters, Windows, Pavement)

This is genius! What an easy way to wash a house exterior without a pressure washer. I need to do this to my siding, windows, gutters and pavement. So smart. #Gilmour #Ad

Project #4: Framing Builder Grade Mirrors

I’m so excited I found an easy way to add custom frames to a boring mirror! This made a huge difference in the look of our bathroom and I’m excited to do the same with all of the frameless builder grade mirrors in our new house’s bathrooms.

– Frame A Builder Grade Mirror The Easy Way

Want an easy way to frame a builder grade mirror? Take a look at how I added a quality, stylish frame to my existing mirror without building from scratch.

Project #5: DIY Baby Gifts

I shared quite a few DIY gift ideas this year and they were definitely a hit! This blog post featuring 13 DIY baby gifts has been very popular on Pinterest.

– 13+ DIY Baby Gifts To Make With A Silhouette Or Cricut

Want to learn how to use Canva to create DIY baby gifts? The free Canva website makes it easy to DIY printable art on a budget. Love the video tutorial!

Project #6: Home Project Planner

Whenever I have an organization project to tackle, I find myself designing a printable to help keep everything straight. I’m so glad you all have enjoyed this printable home project planner! I just printed a bunch of copies of these pages to use as I start to hone in on project plans for the new house.

– Getting Organized With A Home Project Planner (Free Download)

Ooh I totally need this home project planner to get organized! Love the project checklists, supply lists, paint color tracker, etc. Check out this free printable download.

Project #7: Packing & Moving Tips

The biggest project we took on this year was moving! I took notes of all of my best packing and moving tips and packed them into this blog post. Be sure to read if you have a move coming up or forward to a friend who’s moving!

– Our DIY Move – My 31 Best Packing Tips & Moving Tips

Are you moving to a new house soon? Here are my best packing tips and moving tips I learned from our own DIY move. Everything from packing hacks to renting a moving truck to an organized moving day.

Project #8: Painted TV Stand

I really should do more furniture makeovers because I’m always amazed at the before and afters! I bought this cheap TV stand for my very first apartment and was ready to toss it to the curb. But since there wasn’t room in the budget for something new, I decided to paint it and fell in love with the result. If you haven’t seen the before and after, go take a look!

– From Dark To Light: A Painted TV Stand Makeover Using Chalk Paint

This painted TV stand makeover looks so good! Chalk paint makes it easy to refinish your existing media console or makeover a thrifted piece. This was done with the Rustoleum chalk paint. I always love a great furniture makeover!

Project #9: Patching Concrete Steps

This crusty old carpet had to go before we listed our house for sale. Unfortunately the steps underneath weren’t in great shape at all. After researching for days, I finally got up the courage to try my hand at patching the concrete and it turned out so good! Go take a look at the before and after!

– Patching Concrete Steps – Our Front Step Transformation

This is amazing! Great DIY tutorial for patching concrete steps using Quikrete. What a beautiful front step makeover! I love that she ripped up the carpet and repaired concrete steps.

Project #10: Paper Flowers

These paper flowers are a sweet, simple craft project perfect for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc. I loved this pretty DIY project!

– Pretty Pink Paper Peonies

I can't believe how easy these pretty paper peonies are to make! Paper flowers are fun to create and make beautiful + thrifty decor. This blogger made these pretty pink paper flowers with coffee filters.


There are some blog posts from past years that continuously get a lot of traffic even a couple years after being published. These five posts are from past years but are still some of my most popular decorating and DIY projects.

Project #11: DIY Wedding Gifts

It turns out people are always searching for wedding gift ideas so I compiled 15 DIY gift ideas into this blog post. It continues to circulate on Pinterest a couple years later!

– 15 DIY Wedding Gifts Made With The Silhouette Cutting Machine

Project #12: Magnolia Wreath

This wreath was a thrift store swap challenge from a couple years ago and was an instant hit. It continues to hold it’s spot as one of my most pouplar blog posts!

– A Thrifty DIY Magnolia Wreath

What a gorgeous but thrifty diy magnolia wreath. It looks beautiful hanging on that vintage window.

Project #13: Candy Buffet

I’m happy you have enjoyed the Our DIY Wedding series, and this blog post about creating a candy buffet has been the most popular. Who desn’t love candy?!

– The Complete Guide To A DIY Candy Buffet For Your Party Or Wedding

Such good ideas for a candy buffet for our wedding or our next party. Love these tips! And the printable checklist is super helpful.

Project #14: Dates Gift Basket

This is an old blog post that continues to get love on Pinterest! As I’ve already mentioned, people definitely love gift ideas!

– Give the gift of pre-planned dates

Give a personalized gift of pre-planned date nights

Project #15: Room Makeovers Using Pinterest

Pinterest is full of inspiration but all of those ideas can be so overwhelming! I continue to follow this process whenever I plan a room makeover.

– How To Plan A Room Makeover Using Pinterest

Awesome tips for organizing your Pinterest boards to actually plan out a room makeover or decorating project. I need to do this!


Whew! Those were all the top decorating and DIY projects from 2017. What kind of decorating tips or crafty projects would you like to see on the blog in the coming year? Please leave your questions and ideas in the comments!

Happy creating!

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