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15 Organizing Tips You Don’t Want To Miss {Best Of 2017}

It’s time for one of my favorite posts of the year – the best of the blog for 2017. It’s crazy to think it’s already time to write this!

As I was looking through my analytics, I decided it may be helpful to divide this year’s top posts into two installments. We’re taking a look back at this year’s best organizing tips today and then we’ll cover the most popular decorating and DIY posts in an upcoming post.

Before we dive into all things organizing, I want to thank you for being a part of my blogging journey. It’s so fun to connect with you and I cannot wait to see what 2018 has in store!

Check out these popular organizing tips! Everything from kitchens, bedrooms and paper clutter to daily routines and time management. So much good stuff here!

The Best Organizing Tips Of 2017

Organizing Tip #1: The Kitchen Sink

This post quickly rose as one of my top posts of 2017. It’s clear that keeping the kitchen organized is a struggle for many of us! This is one of the few organizing projects I’ve tackled in our new house so far and it’s certainly been worth it! I LOVE this handy sink caddy with the cute labeled soap dispensers. It’s made doing the dishes at least a *bit* more enjoyable.

Making Cleanup Fast With An Organized Kitchen Sink & DIY Soap Dispenser

Check out this pretty & organized kitchen sink! Love the idea of a sink-side tray for organizing dishwashing supplies & those DIY soap dispensers are cute.

Organizing Tip #2: Goal Setting

I actually published this post in December of 2016 but it has been popular all year so I shared it again last week. People love setting goals and are especially looking for goal setting tips this time of year. This is one of my favorite subjects to talk about so don’t be surprised if you see more goal setting talk on the blog in 2018!

– Why You Should Have 90-Day Goals (And A Goal Setting Worksheet)

This is a great process for setting realistic 90-day goals. Love the free printable goal setting worksheet.

Organizing Tip #3: The Tupperware Drawer

Man has this post resonated with people! We clearly all need a little motivation and help decluttering our kitchens. This is one of my personal favorites from the year because it was a quick project with a big impact. My “tupperware drawer” actually makes me happy now that the clutter is gone and I’m still obsessed with those new food storage containers.

– Organizing Tupperware In 20 Minutes Flat

Have a messy tupperware drawer or cupboard? This girl completely organized her in just 20 minutes! Get her tips for organizing tupperware in this blog post and you'll be ready to organize your kitchen.

Organizing Tip #4: Diapers

This is a fairly recent post that has quickly shot to the ranks of the top posts from the year. I’ve only shared a few baby-related posts so far, but this one has already proved that people are obsessed with tips for organizing nurseries and alllll the baby things. I have been slowly working on more nursery projects and am excited to share them all with you in the new year!

– Organizing Diapers With A DIY Diaper Caddy

This is such a smart idea for organizing diapers! I love the idea of creating a DIY diaper caddy using any pretty basket or bin I have around the house. That makes it storage that's functional and pretty! Baby Tips | Nursery Organization | Diaper Caddy | Huggies | DIY Diaper Organizer | Diaper Organizing | Nursery Decor | Baby Essentials | Nursery Essentials

Organizing Tip #5: Paper Planners

I joined the planner-obsessed crowd in January when I began using a paper planner for the first time in years. I was instantly in love and shared a post all about how I was using my new paper planner and integrating it with my Google Calendar. I’ve continued using this planner all year long and ordered the same planner again for 2018. I cannot recommend it highly enough!

– Organizing My New Inkwell Press Planner (Tips From A Planner Rookie)

I love paper planners! This is a great tour of the Inkwell Press planner and how she's using it to stay organized. Time to get around to organizing a planner of my own!

Organizing Tip #6: Daily Routines

I talked a lot about routines in 2017 and even published my first ebook on the topic back in January. This post shares the nitty-gritty basics of how to create a daily routine to set yourself up for success. I’m so glad it’s been a favorite this year!

– My Proven 5-Step System For Creating A Daily Routine

I sooo needed this post! What a practical approach to creating a daily routine. I love that she emphasizes making time for relaxing and socializing! Also genius goal setting tips. Seriously, you need to pin this post. This girl is a master at time management, and she just spilled her entire step by step process for creating a schedule and managing her time. Love the printables!

Organizing Tip #7: Saying “No”

I love that this post made the “best of” list because being confident in saying “no” is super important. I talked all about how to say “no” to things so you can spend time on what matters most to you. This is something I’m constantly working to get better at doing!

– The Importance of Saying No And How To Do So Gracefully

Having a hard time saying no? Here are some practical ways to do it gracefully.

Organizing Tip #8: Laminating Labels

This quick step-by-step post teaches exactly how I create laminated labels for organizing projects. I really think everyone should have a laminator! There are just so many uses for it from creating labels to laminating checklists, binder dividers and organizational printables.

– How To Laminate Labels

Wondering how to laminate labels? This tutorial will show you exactly how to use a laminator to create durable labels and other organization/craft projects.

Organizing Tip #9: Grocery Lists

Yet another kitchen-related post made the list! I’ve been organizing our grocery list using Evernote for a few years now and finally shared my process in a post earlier this spring. Digital tools can be hugely helpful in staying organized!

– How To Use Evernote For Organizing A Digital Grocery List

Check out this Evernote grocery list! Love how she uses headings and checkboxes to create an organized grocery list digitally.

Organizing Tip #10: Packing Checklist

I often create organization printables to help myself stay organized and I love sharing them with you! I designed this packing checklist earlier this summer and it’s been a popular one. There are a lot more free printables in my project gallery if you’re looking for more!

– A Free Printable Packing List For Your Next Trip

Planning a trip? Travel more organized with this free printable packing list. This packing checklist comes in A5 and letter sizes and is an edittable PDF.


There are some blog posts from past years that continuously get a lot of traffic even a couple years after being published. These five posts are from past years but are still some of my most popular organizing tips.

Organizing Tip #11: The Bedroom

It seems everyone struggles with keeping their bedroom floor from becoming a dumping ground for discarded clothing. This one little thing helps our bedroom stay a lot cleaner and more organized! This post holds the record for the most months as my number one most popular blog post.

My Secret For Keeping Clothing Off Our Bedroom Floor

I was so sick of having clothing piled up all over our bedroom floor. This organizing tip helped me organize my bedroom once and for all.

Organizing Tip #12: Paper Clutter

Every household needs a system for dealing with the neverending stream of paper that makes its way inside. I shared my system back in January of 2016 and it has been pinned on Pinterest thousands of times!

– How to Organize Your Mail & Eliminate Paper Clutter

It's time to get rid of my piles of mail all over and get them organized!

Organizing Tip #13: Brain Dumps

I love doing brain dumps to clear my head! It’s such a great way to organize your thoughts and get them down on paper.

– How To Declutter Your Mind With A Brain Dump

When your mind is on overdrive, you have probably noticed that it's difficult to accomplish much of anything. Learn how a quick brain dump can help clear your mind. #ProductivityTip

Organizing Tip #14: Use A Timer

Racing against the clock is a great motivator! Readers have loved this simple time management strategy.

– 5 Ways Setting A Timer Helps Get More Done In Less Time

Set a timer and get stuff done. Love this productivity tip.

Organizing Tip #15: Theme Your Days

If I had to choose just one single topic to blog about day after day, it would definitely be time management. I love testing new tools and learning new strategies, and I’m always eager to share my tips with you! Theming your days is such a good way to start using your time more intentionally.

– Theme Your Days To Add Structure To Your Week (Even If You’re Not The Planning Type)

Follow these three tips to theme your days. This is a great time management strategy for those that don't want to plan exact tasks at specific times during their days. It's time to get organized!

Whew! Those were all the top organizing tips from 2017. What kind of organizing tips or time management projects would you like to see me discuss in the coming year? Please leave your questions and ideas in the comments!

Happy organizing!

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