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Reader Favorites: The 15 Most Popular Organizing Tips Of 2018

Today I’m sharing my most popular organizing blog posts of 2018. Keep reading to see which posts were your favorites!

organized dresser drawer with baby clothes

It’s time for one of my favorite posts of the year – the best of the blog for 2018! I always love when my favorite bloggers share their most popular blog posts because I usually discover some amazing blog posts that I somehow missed during the year.

As I was looking through my analytics, it struck me just how much the Small Stuff Counts community shares my obsession with organizing. You have no idea how incredibly happy that makes me!

Basically, all of 2018’s most popular blog posts are about organizing so I’ve gathered all of your favorites up into this one blog post for you today. I hope you find some inspiring and helpful posts on this list!

Before we dive into all things organizing, I want to thank you for being a part of my blogging journey. It’s so fun to connect with you and I cannot wait to see what 2019 has in store!


The Best Organizing Tips Of 2018

Organizing Tip #1: Take the time to organize those baby clothes

As I navigated life as a new mom this year, I shared a lot of nursery- and baby-related tips and projects. I shared some great nursery dresser organization ideas and a super detailed tour of every single dresser drawer in our nursery. If you’re setting up a nursery or just need some great tips for organizing kids’ clothing, go check out this blog post!

Read The Post: Nursery Dresser Organization Ideas

closeup of dresser drawer in a nursery

Organizing Tip #2: Following a routine with a baby in the house

We love talking routines around here, and I shared a look at our evening routine with a baby in the house last fall. I loved reading about the routines of other moms as I was preparing to become one myself and I hope this post is helpful to other mamas out there.

Read The Post: Our Evening Routine With A Baby In The House

Organizing Tip #3: The planning tools I can’t live without

I shared a big blog post with the 6 planning tools and systems I use to organize my life last January. This has been one of my most popular blog posts over the past year and I actually updated it a couple weeks ago and added a 7th item to the list: daily journaling. Go take a look at the 7 systems and tools I can’t live without!

Read The Post: The 7 Planning Tools & Systems I Use To Organize My Whole Life


Organizing Tip #4: Labeling moving boxes

One of the best things I did when we moved in the fall of 2017 was taking the time to clearly label all of the moving boxes. I shared the free printable labels for moving boxes and so many people have used them to organize your own moves!

Read The Post: Free Printable Labels For Moving Boxes

Organizing Tip #5: Planning your day

You all love free printables! I shared some helpful tips for planning your day along with a free printable to-do list. Taking just a few minutes to plan your day before it begins can really help you stay focused!

Read The Post: 6 Tips For Planning Your Day And A Free Daily To Do List Printable

Organizing Tip #6: Automating your to-do list

I created a new guide with 12 ways to automate your t0-do list and it’s become one of my most popular freebies. I love sharing ideas for saving time on your daily errands and tasks! Go download the guide and choose a couple of ideas to try out for yourself.

Download The Guide: 12 Ways To Automate Your To-Do List [FREE GUIDE]

12 Ways To Automate Your To-Do List Free Guide Graphic

Organizing Tip #7: Getting organized with free printables

If there’s one thing I know for certain, it’s that you LOVE free printables! I shared more than ever this year and compiled them all into one page so you can easily locate the ones that are most beneficial to you right now. This free printables archive page is a collection of all of the printables I’ve shared on the blog over the years.

Visit The Free Printables Archive

Organizing Tip #8: Download a great 2019 calendar

The free printable 2019 calendar I shared last fall has been downloaded more times than I could have imagined. You love a great calendar! I think it’s popular because it’s so versatile. Use it to track your schedule, projects, habits, workouts, meal plans, and more.

Get The Calendar: Free Printable 2019 Calendar


Organizing Tip #9: Everyone needs to declutter

If there’s one thing I heard loud and clear in my reader survey, it’s that everyone wants to declutter their home. I shared these free printable decluttering signs last year and they’ve been a very popular download for good reason. Decluttering is the first step to creating an organized, beautiful home.

Download The Printables: Decluttering With Free Printable Sorting Signs

Organizing Tip #10: An organized nursery makes life easier

You all loved seeing how I hacked the closet in our small nursery to make room for a changing table and to organize all of the baby things. Go read about organizing a nursery closet and using a dresser as a changing table if you need some tips for organizing your nursery!

Read The Post: Organizing A Nursery Closet & Using A Dresser As A Changing Table



There are some blog posts from past years that continuously get a lot of traffic even a couple years after being published. These five posts are from past years but are still constantly top the charts as some of my highest-trafficked blog posts.

Organizing Tip #11: Organizing food storage containers

Man, has this post resonated with people! We clearly all need a little motivation and help decluttering our kitchens and organizing tupperware. My “tupperware drawer” actually makes me happy now that the clutter is gone and I’m still obsessed with those Rubbermaid food storage containers 3 years later.

Read The Post: Organizing Tupperware In 20 Minutes Flat

Have a messy tupperware drawer or cupboard? This girl completely organized her in just 20 minutes! Get her tips for organizing tupperware in this blog post and you'll be ready to organize your kitchen.

Organizing Tip #12: Set up easy ways to keep clothing off the bedroom floor

It seems everyone struggles with keeping their bedroom floor from becoming a dumping ground for discarded clothing. This one little thing helps our bedroom stay a lot cleaner and more organized!

Read The Post: My Secret For Keeping Clothing Off Our Bedroom Floor

Organizing Tip #13: Get your thoughts down on paper

I love doing brain dumps to clear my head! It’s such a great way to organize your thoughts and get them down on paper.

Read The Post: How To Declutter Your Mind With A Brain Dump

Organizing Tip #14: Creating routines

I talked a lot about routines, and this post shares the specific steps to create a daily routine to set yourself up for success. I’m so glad this continues to be a favorite!

Read The Post: My Proven 5-Step System For Creating A Daily Routine

Organizing Tip #15: Organizing mail

Every household needs a system for dealing with the neverending stream of paper that makes its way inside. I shared my system back in January of 2016 and it has been pinned on Pinterest thousands of times!

Read The Post: No More Paper Clutter! How To Organize Coupons In 15 Minutes

It's time to get rid of my piles of mail all over and get them organized!

Whew! Those were all the top organizing tips from 2018. The more I blog, the more crystal clear it is that you all love anything organizing. I plan to share lots of new tips and projects with you in 2019 and am definitely going to keep focusing on all things organizing!

What kind of organizing tips or time management projects would you like to see more of in 2019? Please leave your questions and ideas in the comments!

Looking for more popular organizing ideas? Check out the reader favorites from 2017:

Happy organizing!

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