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Cricut Gift Guide | 2021 Gift Guide

Cricut gift ideas for beginners and experienced users alike!

I put together two gift lists for you this year – one for the person who is getting a new Cricut for Christmas and another for the person who is already an avid Cricut user. Check out both lists below for lots of great Cricut gift ideas.

And if you are interested in giving a Cricut machine this year (or adding one to your own wishlist), make sure you check out my Cricut Machine Comparison Guide for help deciding which machine is best for you.

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Cricut gift guide For Beginners

  1. Cricut Joy + Essentials Bundle – This petite Cricut machine is my favorite for labels, greeting cards, and quick craft projects. A great machine for anyone new to Cricut (and one I still reach for all the time as a more experienced user). (See my Cricut machine comparison guide for more info.)
  2. Cricut Explore 3 + Essentials Materials Bundle – This bundle includes the newly-released Cricut Explore 3 which has some great upgrades over the previous model. Highly recommend for anyone looking to get started with Cricut. (See my Cricut machine comparison guide for more info.)
  3. Basic Tool Set – The tools you’ll reach for all the time, this is a nice set to gift to someone getting a new Cricut machine this year.
  4. Cricut EasyPress – An awesome Cricut accessory for anyone who plans to use their Cricut for graphic T-shirts and iron-on projects. This heat press is superb and could make a great gift for someone who got a Cricut last year but hasn’t gotten a lot of the extras yet. Check out my Complete Guide to Cricut Heat Presses for a deep dive into all things Cricut heat presses.
  5. Removable Vinyl Essentials Bundle – You can never have enough vinyl, it’s used for SO MANY projects!
  6. Cardstock Sampler – Help them build up a stash of materials to use on future projects. The sampler packs are great for this!
  7. Cricut Access Subscription – This subscription gets them access to hundreds of thousands of fonts, images, and pre-designed projects in the Cricut design software. It’s such a useful (and clutter-free) gift!
  8. Machine Mats – Machine mats wear out after a while, so a new pack of mats is always nice to unwrap.
  9. Smart Label Essentials Bundle – If they’re as obsessed with making labels as I am, they will love this big bundle of materials for creating all kinds of labels.
  10. Premium Vinyl Sampler – Sampler packs are the perfect gift when you don’t know what Cricut items they already own – everyone can use more materials!
  11. Pens & Markers – Pens and markers add fun new possibilities to your Cricut. There are lots of cool options, just double check that you’re ordering a set that is compatible with their Cricut machine.
  12. Iron-On Value Pack – Once again, Cricut materials are always great gifts!

This post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure policy for details.

Cricut gift guide For Experienced Cricut Users

  1. Mug Press + Essential Materials Bundle – Cricut released their Mug Press in the spring of 2021, so it’s a new product a lot of Cricut users haven’t invested in yet. This bundle would be a really neat gift to put under the tree – they’ll be creating professional-quality mugs in no time. They’re even dishwasher safe! Read all about the Cricut Mug Press here.
  2. Cricut Explore 3 – Cricut released this new model in 2021 and if you’re looking for a big gift for a Cricut user, this would be an incredible upgrade to their existing machine. Check out my Cricut Comparison Guide for more info.
  3. Cricut Access Subscription – This subscription gets them access to hundreds of thousands of fonts, images, and pre-designed projects in the Cricut design software. It’s such a useful (and clutter-free) gift!
  4. Joy Insert Cards Essentials Bundle – This bundle gives them everything they need to create really cool greeting cards. I whip these up for every occasion so it’s nice to have a bunch of the supplies on hand – just make sure they own the Cricut Joy machine.
  5. Infusible Ink Coasters Bundle – Infusible Ink is a newer, more specialty material that a lot of Cricut users haven’t delved into yet so this bundle makes a great gift for even the more experienced users. Infusible Ink creates professional-quality projects where the designs don’t peel off – read all about Infusible Ink here.
  6. EasyPress Mini – I adore this tiny heat press tool! It’s so handy for small iron-on projects and it’s at a great price point for a gift. It’s also something a lot of Cricut users might not have picked up for themselves yet. Even if they have one of the larger EasyPresses, they’ll still find lots of uses for the mini. Learn more about the EasyPress Mini here.
  7. Essential Tool Set – This has all sorts of great tools for Cricut projects. As an experienced user, I use all of these often and it’s actually nice to have a couple of them so even if they have a few of the basic tools already this would likely be a gift they’ll appreciate.
  8. Machine Tote – Cricut sells totes for each machine which are great to keep them protected and dust-free – plus they’re really handy if you ever travel with your Cricut.
  9. Transfer Tape – Cricut users can never have enough transfer tape, trust me on this one. Even a big bulk roll will get used.
  10. Cricut BrightPad – This is an awesome tool for intricate projects that require a lot of weeding. It can also be used for tracing so if they’re artsy or crafty in general, they’ll probably find a lot of uses for this even beyond their Cricut projects.
  11. Vinyl Sampler – If you aren’t sure what to get a Cricut user who seems to have it all, you can’t go wrong with a sample pack of materials.
  12. Self-Healing Mat – These mats are really nice for craft projects!

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