November 5, 2021  

Gifts For Toddlers | 2021 Gift Guide

Fun gift ideas for toddlers and preschoolers. These are all things our 4-year-old daughter loves or are on her wish list.

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Gift Guide for Toddlers

  1. Play-doh Set – A cute Play-doh set is a fun gift for a toddler. Chloe recently got a donut themed one and this pizza oven set is cute, too.
  2. Magnatiles – A highly rated toy that we’ve gotten a lot of use out of in the past year. Plus, it’s something many parents say gets used for years.
  3. Hoot Owl Hoot Game – This is a great first board game, we got it for Chloe when she was 3 and have enjoyed playing it as a family. It’s a cooperative game so you all work together and it’s actually pretty fun!
  4. Dot Markers + Book – Arts and crafts activities are always a good idea at this age, and these dot markers are a really cool art supply that they might not already have. You can get all sorts of activity books designed for use with the markers, too.
  5. LED Tablet – Chloe was given one of these as a gift last year and wow has it been a hit! The older elementary kids were even obsessed with it at one of our family gatherings.
  6. Polly Pocket Playset – I loved Polly Pockets as a kid myself, so this is something on my list of ideas for our daughter. There are so many different themes and sizes so you can find one at a price point that works with your budget.
  7. Puffy Sticker Activity Book – Our four-year-old LOVES these little sticker books. They’re really affordable and have provided hours of entertainment. Parents will appreciate it being a quiet activity they can do on their own. The stickers last for quite a while, though one of the multi-packs is a great idea because the stickiness does wear out eventually.
  8. Unicorn Robe – We gave this robe to Chloe last year and it’s super adorable! A fuzzy robe is a fun gift for a preschooler and will probably make them feel like a “big kid”. Pair it with new slippers and you have a great gift!
  9. Peppa Pig Dollhouse – Chloe got this dollhouse when she was 2 and still plays with it most days two years later. It’s one of our best toys for sure! I love toys that inspire imaginative play and this one is perfect for that. If they aren’t into Peppa Pig, there are of course lots of other dollhouses out there. This one has some cute accessory sets that make great gifts for future birthdays and maybe Christmas next year, too.
  10. Camera – This camera is a functional digital camera designed just for little kids and it’s really fun! It’s tiny and perfect for any kid that always wants to take pictures with your phone. This was one of the things we gave Chloe this summer when she became a big sister (more big sister gift ideas here).
  11. Water Wow Books Every toddler needs a few of these! A mess-free activity that’s great for traveling – we always bring these for car rides and to church.
  12. Doll Stroller – A stroller or other accessories for their dolls is always a good idea. Our daughter uses her stroller all the time and it’s even gone on family walks around the block with us.
  13. Water Table – This was a pandemic for us and we’ve loved it. I researched a lot of water tables and this one seemed the coolest. It comes with quite a few accessories so you have everything you need fo rsome fun in the sun.
  14. Sticker Face Book – These books are really fun! If you want to give an activity that won’t just be another toy cluttering up their house, this is a great gift idea for a little kid.
  15. Got2Glow Fairy Finder – This is supposed to be one of the “it” toys of the year and it’s described as a mix of Tomagatchi and Pokemon Go. We gave it to Chloe for her 4th birthday this week and are still learning how to use it, but the basic gist is you can open your jar and “catch” imaginary fairies. Some fairies are very common, some more rare and you can catch them all over the place. There’s also an app where you can learn more about your fairies. It’s pretty cool!
  16. Tangram Shape Puzzle – This is a neat educational game and our four-year-old has just started to get into. It comes with colorful wooden shapes and a deck of cards. Kids can try to figure out what pieces make the designs on the cards and also create their own designs.

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