November 6, 2021  

Gifts For DIY’ers | 2021 Gift Guide

An assortment of tools and project supplies that any DIYer or homeowner can use.

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Gifts for diy’ers

  1. Ryobi 18V Brad Nailer – This tool is so useful for home improvement projects and even smaller wood crafts. Use if for accent walls, trim, and more.
  2. Handy Paint Pail – For anyone who does a lot of painting in their home, this product is amazing.
  3. Wooster Shortcuts Brush – This brush is life-changing for painting trim! The short handle gives you a ton of control for edging. A DIYer always needs more paint brushes so tuck one or two of these in their stocking!
  4. RZ Face Mask – A dust mask is a must if you’re doing any woodworking projects. I really like this one and it comes in tons of colors.
  5. Contour Gauge – This is one of those gadgets that you don’t know you need but it comes in very handy for tricky flooring and trim projects.
  6. Electric Screwdriver – A go-to tool for the person who’s always doing projects around the house.
  7. Garage Lights – Turn your single-bulb garage lights into much brighter shop lights just by replacing the bulbs with these – no electrical required. A brighter garage workspace makes a huge difference when working on projects!
  8. Wall Control Pegboard Organizer – Help them organize their workspace with a kit of Wall Control pegboard. This is high-quality metal pegboard that is awesome for hanging their most-used tools within easy reach.
  9. Laser Level – A laser level is a nice tool that can be useful for many types of projects.
  10. Solar Landscape Lights – Help them spruce up their exterior with new landscape lights.
  11. Floret’s Farm Cut Flower Garden Book – A beautiful coffee table book that’s also information-packed resource on growing flowers. Great for any green thumb or an aspiring gardener.
  12. Tape measure – Contrary to what you might think, not all tape measures are created equal. This one is superb!
  13. Wet/Dry Vacuum – A nice shop vac is a must for cleaning up project messes.
  14. Tool Bag – A sturdy tool bag is great for the DIYer who does projects all over the house. When I start a new project, I load my bag up with all of my project essentials.

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