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6 Ways to Organize With Stackable Drawers

You can never have enough of these stackable drawers. They make the perfect addition to almost any organizing project in the kitchen, bathroom, toy Room… everywhere!

feature image of clear drawer organizing ink stamps and bathroom supplies

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Stackable drawers are a marvelous way to organize all sorts of things! I’ve used this specific clear drawer from The Home Edit by iDesign collection at The Container Store for SO MANY PROJECTS. It’s very versatile and works for pretty much every organizing project.

Stacking storage drawers are a nice way to use the vertical space in a cabinet or on a shelf. Unlike a stack of regular bins with lids that all have to be moved to get to the bin on the bottom of the stack, a drawer means you can easily access the contents in each drawer without moving anything to get to it.

Today I thought I’d share a few examples of how you can use stacking drawers in your organizing projects!

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6 ways to use stackable drawers graphic with bathroom organizer image

Watch The Video

Watch the video to see all of these ideas in action! Then scroll down for more details about each example along with links to all of the containers and projects shown here.

Under the kitchen sink

Organizing under the kitchen sink seems to be a pain point in most homes, and it’s tricky to work around the plumbing and figure out how to best use that awkward space. These clear stacking drawers work so well in sink cabinets, making it easy to neatly store smaller items while still allowing you to stack other items on top of it.

In our kitchen sink cabinet, I use one of these drawers to organize extra sponges, Magic Erasers and little bottles of cleaning concentrates. There’s enough space on top of the drawer to set my cleaning caddy, too!

clear drawer organizer under bathroom sink
organized kitchen sink cabinet

under the bathroom sink

Bathroom sinks are prime candidates for stacking drawers. Just like the kitchen sink, bathroom sinks also have pipes to work around and drawers are a good way to maximize the vertical space you have.

In our hall bathroom, I use one of these clear drawers from The Home Edit to store things like nail polish and feminine care products. I stacked an open bin on top of it that holds my hair dryer and other larger hair tools.

More about this project: How To Organize Under The Bathroom Sink

organized bathroom sink cabinet
organized bathroom sink cabinet

In our primary bathroom, I tried a different stackable drawer and really like that this drawer extends the full depth of the sink cabinet. I used two of them, one taller drawer that holds back stock shampoos, toothpastes, contact solution, etc., and a second shorter drawer that holds smaller items like razors and spare contacts.

More about this project: Small Bathroom Cabinet Organization

organized bathroom sink cabinet

Arts and crafts

I use several of these stackable drawers to organize kids’ arts and craft supplies in a little cabinet that I thrifted and painted with chalk paint years ago. The drawers make use of every bit of space in the cabinet and are a nice way to organize supplies into different categories.

I love that the drawer pulls all the way out in these and has handles, meaning our preschooler can easily grab a drawer of supplies and carry it over to the dining table.

These make it easy for her to get things out and put everything away, and I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t do that if I stacked a bunch of shoebox containers with lids in there that made it hard to get to everything.

More About This Project: Organizing Kids’ Art Supplies – Tour Our Craft Cabinet!

organized kids' craft supplies in small cabinet
organized kids' craft supplies in small cabinet

the fridge

I added some new organizers to our fridge last year and made use of stacking fridge drawers. I stacked a group of them two high on a shelf and they’re great for storing grab and go snacks.

I love that they’re designed to extend all the way to the back of the fridge so you’re not wasting any space and nothing can get lost way in the back.

And again, the drawers on these pull all the way out so I can take a drawer of grapes straight from the fridge over to the table for dinner. Then I can slide it back in the fridge without moving any other containers around.

More About this Project: Fridge Organization Ideas – Tour Our Refrigerator!

organized fridge with clear containers
organized fridge with clear containers

your medicine and first aid

Stacking drawers are also a great way to organize medicine cabinets and first aid supplies! You can buy “baby bins” that fit perfectly inside The Home Edit stackable drawers, so just drop in a few baby bins and you have mini compartments that work so well for holding bandaids, ointments, etc.

small toys

Drawers also work well for smaller toys, just stack a few on a shelf in the playroom and you have toy organization that’s easy for your kiddo to access.

Things like play food, small animals, Legos, action figures, little cars and trucks, would all work well in these!

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Have a fantastic day!

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