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24 Gorgeous, Affordable Flocked Christmas Trees

Updated 9/15/20  |  Published 11/21/18

Shopping for a gorgeous flocked Christmas tree this year? Here are the best snowy Christmas trees so you can get that frosted, snow-covered look. Whether you’re looking for prelit, tall, small, short, slim, or skinny flocked trees, I have you covered!


I don’t know about you, but I’m drooling over all of the pretty flocked Christmas trees that are so popular right now. I mean, can you even with all of those frosted, snow-covered branches?

I LOVE the snow-covered branches of my tall flocked Christmas tree so very much! The snow is gorgeous and looks very authentic. You can check it out in my colorful Christmas home tour.

While I was shopping for the perfect flocked Christmas tree, I came across so many awesome options! So I compiled all of my favorites into this huge blog post just for you.


The Best Affordable Flocked Christmas Trees

There are various categories of artificial Christmas trees. I’ve divided my favorite finds up into four categories: unlit, prelit, slim/skinny, and small (under 5 feet).

All of these trees are on sale for under $250 (most in the $100-$200 price range). I hope you find a great affordable flocked tree for yourself on this list!


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Pre-lit Flocked Christmas Trees

  1. 7.5 ft Prelit Flocked Utica White/Green Fir – unavailable (very similar one here, though more expensive at the moment)
  2. 7.5 ft Prelit Flocked White Spruce – unavailable (here’s a similar one)
  3. 6.5 ft Prelit Flocked Douglas Fir
  4. 7 ft Prelit Flocked Balsam Fir
  5. 7.5 ft. Prelit Flocked Birmingham Fir Tree
  6. 6 ft. Prelit Flocked King of Christmas Prince

Unlit Flocked Christmas Trees

  1. 6.5 ft Snowy White Pine Tree 
  2. 8 ft Flocked Snowy Pine – unlit version is unavailable, but here’s the prelit version
  3. 7 ft Flocked Rushdon Green Fir
  4. 6 ft Best Choice Premium Snow Flocked
  5. 7ft Flocked Balsam Fir
  6. 7 ft AMERIQUE Premium Artificial Full Body

Pencil / Slim Flocked Christmas Trees

  1. 7 ft Home Heritage Frosted Alpine Quick Set Flocked
  2. 8 ft King of Christmas Prince Flock Slim – unavailable (here’s a similar option)
  3. 7 ft Flocked Pencil Slim Christmas Tree
  4. 7.5 ft Best Choice Products Snow Flocked Artificial Pencil
  5. 6 ft Tree Classics Snowy Clifton Pine Flocked
  6. 7 ft Flocked Winter Twig White Pine


Small Flocked Christmas Trees (Under 5′)

  1. 4 ft Flocked Kodiak White Spruce
  2. 4 ft Flocked Snowy Pine – unavailable
  3. 4.5 ft White Spruce Tree
  4. 5 ft Downswept Douglas Green Pine
  5. 4 ft Northlight Heavily Flocked Alpine
  6. 4 ft Slim Artificial Christmas Tree Flocked

I cannot get over how pretty and dreamy these flocked Chrismas trees are. Whether you’re looking for a prelit or unlit, tall or short, skinny or full, small or big Christmas tree, there are great options for every size and style! Do you love the flocked tree look?

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Have a fantastic day!

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