February 26, 2021  

Bathroom Drawer Organization Tips

Get more space and less clutter in your bathroom by organizing your vanity drawers. here are some ideas and tips for organizing bathroom drawers.

image of organized bathroom vanity

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Before we get started, let me walk you through this space. This is actually my toddler’s bathroom, but our master bath is pretty tiny so I get ready in here, too. Recently I have made a ton of DIY updates – I painted the vanity, the walls, the ceiling, and added some décor and hooks.

I love how everything has turned out, but my final (and arguably most fun project) was organizing the vanity!

I used to have my makeup and some other things up on the countertop, but after going through everything I was able to keep it ALL inside the vanity and get rid of that clutter! The trusty clear iDesign drawer organizers were super helpful, plus the turntable I used inside the cabinet.

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woman's organized bathroom drawers with text

How to organize Your bathroom drawers

The steps below will help you navigate organizing your own drawers, from choosing the containers to deciding where everything goes.

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Here are couple of before photos so you see what I was working with!

woman's bathroom drawer full of products
bathroom drawer full of hair and makeup products
bathroom counter with makeup and hair supplies
bathroom vanity cabinet with cleaning products

Step 1: Empty the drawers and sort items

The first step of any organizing project is to take everything out. Then sort items into loose categories. For me, these were hair, nails, makeup, and large bottles like hairspray.

Take a quick moment to wipe out the drawers while they’re empty too.

empty bathroom vanity

Step 2: Purge

Take a good look at everything you have. Are there duplicates in any categories? Foundation that doesn’t actually match your skin or hair gel you haven’t used in three years? Products that are expired? Tiny makeup samples you got for free but realistically will never use? Guilty as charged over here.

STEP 3: choose your containers

I was hoping to use The Home Edit’s new line of vanity organizers for my drawers, but they were just a smidge too tall for my short drawers. Aren’t those tiny divided bins on the right cute though?

clear organizing containers for bathroom organization

Instead, I used the clear iDesign drawer organizers that I’ve used all over my house. It works well to use the same product lines so things are flexible and modular. That makes it easy to switch things up as our needs change or for a future move.

These are my go-to containers that I use for most projects so that helps me from trying to decide from every container on the internet. That’s too overwhelming!

Step 4: decide where you want to put everything

This is the part of organizing when I often have no idea where to start. That’s common!

I knew right away I had two phases to my project: the larger items in the turntable under the sink, and smaller things like hair products and makeup in the drawers, potentially with some on the counter. Just start wherever seems easiest!

divided clear lazy susan in bathroom cabinet

This part of the process also involves a lot of trial and error to figure out how things fit best. I’ve liked having my daily makeup on the counter so I considered continuing with that but keeping everything in drawers sounds less cluttered if it all fits.

Start by seeing just how much fits in your drawers. Start with the least-used items in the bottom drawers or hard-to-reach areas, then work your way up to the more important daily items.

organized hair supplies in bathroom drawer

Step 5: Add a drawer liner

Want a fun finishing touch? Add a drawer liner! These are totally not necessary, but they are fun can actually protect your drawers from small leaks and stains, too.

woman putting a colorful drawer liner in bathroom drawer

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Add some museum gel as well if your items are sliding around too much. It’s so easy to use and works great. A little goes a long way so if you buy a jar, it will last you a while! I’ve got a post all about the best products for organizing drawers, and the museum gel is included. Check that out here.

step 6: Admire your beautiful new drawers

I purged a lot of things that were under my sink and that I had no idea were there, so I wound up with plenty of space for everything. I didn’t even need to put anything on the counter (YAY)!  I’m obsessed with the end result!

photo showing woman's organized bathroom drawers
clear bins and containers in a bathroom vanity
clear bins in bathroom vanity
bathroom vanity with drawers and cabinet open and organized

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Have a fantastic day!

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