August 18, 2021  

Bathroom Organizer Ideas: My 5 Favorite Containers For Organizing A Small Bathroom

Organizing your small bathroom shouldn’t feel like a chore. these 5 containers are my favorite way to keep our bathroom organized, and they’re simple ideas that can be used in any bathroom space!

organized bathroom vanity

I organized our hallway bathroom not too long ago. The budget-friendly decor and organization are holding up really well with everyday life. And I can point to five organizers as being the stars of this whole project–these five containers help us stay organized in a busy bathroom with limited storage space.

If you’re in need of bathroom organizer ideas, I’m your girl today! Here are the five specific organizing containers that are workhorses at organizing our small bathroom.

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three drawers open on a bathroom vanity

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Organizing a small bathroom

1. Suction cup organizer For Bath Toys

These plastic baskets are perfect for organizing bath toys. The baskets suction to the bathtub wall and have holes so the water can easily drain out. I recently added a second one to fit our toddler’s growing collection of bath toys, and they’re so perfect for this purpose!

I love how easily my toddler can reach all of her toys and put them away all by herself. It’s such a simple solution, but really works so well!

2. Divided Lazy Susan For Under The Sink

Having this divided lazy susan under my bathroom sink is an amazing bathroom organizer idea. I love this because I can easily access all of my large bottles and products like hairspray and lotions. It’s so easy to spin the container around and grab everything I need as I’m getting ready in the mornings.

And because there’s no lid or fussy organizing system, this is an easy organizing solution that I can actually maintain. After I’m done with a product, it’s as simple as dropping it back in its place.

This turntable is a product I’ve found useful all over our home, and it’s proved just as useful in the bathroom!

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clear divided lazy susan with personal care products and paper towels.

3. Drawer organizers

I can’t make a list of favorite containers without mentioning these drawer organizers. It’s such a big improvement over having your makeup scattered everywhere in the drawer.

You don’t even have to super organize your makeup, just sort it into a few categories and it will instantly be more organized (and easier to find everything)! This is one small improvement that will make your mornings easier. I used The Home Edit clear bin dividers in this drawer.

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4. Bathroom Counter Organizer

This cute organizer looks nice enough to leave out on the bathroom counter and will help corral your daily items. Mine has my nightly skincare products in it, but it would also be a great spot to store perfumes, makeup, deodorant bottles, and more.

This is great for frequently-used items, especially if they’re too big to fit in a drawer. Cute AND organized? Yes, please!

marble organizer on bathroom counter

5. Clear bins For Under The Bathroom Sink

Under the bathroom sink is always an awkward space to organize. Large personal care products, hair products, and even cleaning products can be easily gathered with these clear bins. Using clear organizers helps you easily identify what is inside each bin, which is especially helpful when you’re bending down and peering into a low cabinet.

I highly recommend this deep bin and large drawer for organizing under your bathroom sink. This line of containers even has a bunch of smaller insert containers you can use to divide thing up and get extra organized inside the bin itself. I used a few of the smaller ones to corral nail polishes and things inside the clear drawer.

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organized bathroom sink cabinet

These simple swaps are easy ways to organize your bathroom. No matter how limited you are on storage space, just a few key bathroom organizers can really make a big difference. Even choosing just one item could be a simple way to improve a pain point in your bathroom. Which bathroom organizer will you be trying first?

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