October 12, 2021  

Big Sister Gift Ideas | What We Gave Our 4-Year-Old

If you’re looking for ideas of what to buy big sister when baby is born, here are some ideas!

It was really important to us that Chloe felt extra special when she became a big sister this summer. She was so excited to meet her baby brother, and we wanted to give her something fun to celebrate her promotion to “big sister”.

I’ll admit I went a little overboard and bought her more than we’d planned – I’ll blame that on me nesting like a crazy person those last few weeks! I got Chloe a Big Sister shirt and bracelet and also picked up some activities she could do while we were busy with baby in those first few weeks.


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Big sister gift ideas for Preschoolers

  1. Big Sister Shirt – Every big sister needs a cute shirt! We gave this to Chloe early so she could wear it to daycare the day Logan was born.
  2. Big Sister Beaded Bracelet – What preschooler doesn’t want a rainbow bracelet?!
  3. Kids’ Digital Camera – This is such a cool gift for a toddler or preschooler! I had no idea these existed, but this camera actually operates and is designed just for kids. It’s been a big hit and Chloe was immediately taking pictures of her brother after opening it.
  4. Dot Markers – Art and craft supplies are great for a big sister gift, and I picked up a pack of these fun markers that Chloe hasn’t had before.
  5. Kids’ Dance Duffel Bag – Chloe’s dance class started the week after Logan was born, so I got her this adorable bag and figured I might as well wrap it up as part of her gift. It’s really cute!
  6. Dot Marker Activity Book – This unicorn book goes with the dot markers and is so fun!
  7. PJ Mask Magnetic Book – I found this at Walmart and it’s a cool concept of a storybook with magnetic pages and little magnetic characters you can move around to act out the scenes.
  8. Fidget Poppers – Every kid seems to love these! I grabbed this pack from Amazon and saved a couple for future gifts (thinking stocking stuffers!).

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