November 19, 2020  

Board Game Gift Ideas For Adults

I love getting a new board game every year, and this year is the absolute perfect time to gift board games! Here are our family’s favorite board games for adults.

I ask for a new board game for Christmas almost every year, that’s how much I love games! David and I own around 75 board games and we play them often. So here are a few of our recommendations for board games for adults and couples! We own all of these games so you know they’re tried and true ;).

With more time at home this winter, I feel like anyone would appreciate a new game this year. They’re perfect for date night or family game night and they provide hours of entertainment. For this gift guide, we’re going to focus on games that I recommend gifting to adults and couples.

FYI I’ve shared a few board game gift guides in the past. Check these out for more ideas!

Note: I typically link to national retailers that are easily accessible to all but don’t forget to check your favorite small businesses for these items as well. Small businesses can use your support this year more than ever!

collage of board games

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  1. Ticket to Ride Ticket to Ride is a strategy game that’s quick to learn–it’s one of my personal favorites! There are several versions set in different locations around the world. We love that it can be played just the two of us or with another couple.
  2. Deception This murder mystery game is so fun to play with a group! I played it at a friend’s house and loved it so much I asked for it for Christmas last year.
  3. Bananagrams Bananagrams is a crowd favorite among my siblings and mom. Games are quick, it takes no time to learn, and it’s just an all-around great game to play while you’re sitting around the table at family gatherings. Bonus points for it fitting in your purse!
  4. Ingenius Oh Ingenius, one of my favorites! Strategy games can quickly become complicated to learn, but this one is simple enough that new players catch on fast. I love this one!
  5. Pandemic Legacy This game makes a great gift–David got it last Christmas and it provided so many weekends of fun this year! This is one where the outcome of each game actually changes future games. I’ve never played one like this before and I was so fascinated with how the game evolved!
  6. Scattergories This is a long-time favorite of mine! I actually played it a lot in college and still love it today. It’s a fun one for larger groups and we’ve played it many times with my siblings during holidays.
  7. Civilization Highly recommend this game! It’s a more complex strategy game so it’s a great gift for someone who is already an avid board gamer (I wouldn’t gift this to someone who doesn’t play a lot of games). We play this one for date night a lot and love that there are multiple ways to win and characters to play so each game feels different even if we’ve played it a ton!
  8. Zombicide This is a fun game to play as a couple or with a small group. It’s a cooperative game so everyone works as a team to ward off the zombies that keep multiplying. It’s really fun (even if you’re like me and not big into zombies).


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