December 9, 2015  

Bringing Christmas Home to my Dining Room

I love decorating for the holidays because it makes my home feel so warm and cozy. All of the greenery and lights and candles and shimmery ornaments just instantly puts me in the Christmas spirit.

Today we are touring my dining room, one of my favorite rooms in any home. The dining room table is where so many special meals happen, where countless board games are played, and where wonderful conversations are had with family and friends. It’s a special room to me, so of course I wanted to give it some decorating love for the holidays.

I’ve joined up with a group of blogger friends to bring you an entire week of holiday home tours, room by room. We toured my living room yesterday, and we’re back today to take a peek around the dining room.

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Here is your view when you walk into the dining room from the kitchen. In addition to the traditional reds, greens, and metallics, I incorporated quite a bit of burgundy and blue in this room. Since I have this bright blue wall, I wanted to balance it out by adding some blue into my tablescape.

This is a cute dining room decorated for Christmas.

See my fun little chair bows. I half think they’re super cute, and I half think they’re super dorky. Oh well. I’ve apparently become one of those crazies that decorates the back of their chairs. I looped a piece of satin ribbon through the chair back and then pulled the ends of the ribbon through the middle holes in these little plastic snowflakes that you’ve seen all over my rooms.

Our table isn’t very big, so there’s not a ton of room to go crazy with decorations. Our centerpiece is simply a wreath with candlesticks and ornaments in the middle. This happened by accident when my wreath just got set here as I was unpacking decorations, but I decided it looked nice so I used it as the base of my centerpiece.

Good idea! Use a wreath for a centerpiece

I added in the blue snowflake place mats, and then topped each plate off with a sparkly snowflake decoration. The snowflakes would be great for adding little tags with names to use as place cards.

I also had a package of small jingle bells on hand, so I strung three onto a thin wire and wrapped it around the stems of the wine glasses for a special touch. It’s kinda fun to drink out of glasses that jingle a bit. And yes, wine was consumed in the making of this photo session 😉

Good idea! Use a wreath for a centerpiece

There is a built-in hutch in the corner of the dining room that goes all the way to the ceiling. All of its shelves are full of decorating possibilities. As I was editing these photos, the ugliness of that pine wood was really getting to me, especially next to my happy blue wall. This room was completely wood paneling when we moved in, so I immediately repainted it and decorated so it wouldn’t hurt my eyes. (See the room makeover here.) I didn’t want to dive right into painting the hutch, but I am now thinking I need to add a hutch makeover to my 2016 house plans. What color should I paint it? Any suggestions? Right now I guess I’m envisioning a crisp white?

I’ve had a hodge-podge of decorations on its shelves since we moved in a year ago, so it was fun to spend some time truly styling them. I have a lot of practicing to do on styling all of these shelves, though. And I think I need to shop for some more decorations to fill them 😉 The hutch was the last thing to get decorated, so it’s filled with whatever holiday decorations I had left at the end.

This is a cute hutch decorated for Christmas

The Bible in the photo below is an old Norwegian one that my grandma gave me. I believe it was her grandparents’, but I really ought to ask her for sure how many generations back it goes.

This is a cute hutch decorated for Christmas

If you’re wondering what’s in the blue bowl below, it’s just a loosely rolled piece of ribbon. This ribbon has wire edges, so it keeps its shape. It worked pretty well as a bowl filler, especially on a high shelf that you really can’t see all that well.

This is a cute dining room decorated for Christmas. This is a cute dining room decorated for Christmas.

Here’s a glimpse at the top shelves:

This is a cute hutch decorated for Christmas

This white platter that looks like it’s full of scribbles is actually our guest book from our wedding. The hutch is the perfect place to display it. These shiny pillars are tea light holders. They’re a thrift store find. Honestly, a good portion of the decor in this entire room has been collected on my thrifting adventures.

This is a cute hutch decorated for Christmas

These candlesticks tied up with a bow was a random idea I had as I was digging through my tub of decor remnants, and I really like how they look. They scream ‘Christmas’ whenever I see them.

This is a cute hutch decorated for Christmas

I have a little ‘bar cart’ area set up on the other wall. It consists of a cube shelf topped with a wine rack. I’ve been meaning to get around to decorating the blank walls in this room for a while now, so I hung up this old window frame and decided to hang stockings from it.

This is a cute dining room decorated for Christmas.

I draped a strand of greenery across the back of the shelf, added in these cool globe things and a little silver tray filled with ornaments. Can you tell I love metallic ornaments? You’ve seen a lot of them in today’s tour, and many, many more in the living room tour. Not only do they look pretty, but they are so easy to find at thrift stores. I’ve accumulated quite the stockpile of them over the past few years.

This is a cute dining room decorated for Christmas.

This is a cute dining room decorated for Christmas.

I have an extra chair tucked in the corner of the room (in front of the door to our cedar closet), so of course I had to decorate it. I draped some shimmery white fabric (an old curtain) over the back of the chair and leaned a small wreath on it.

This is a cute dining room decorated for Christmas.

Thank you for stopping by to tour my dining room today! You’re welcome here any time. If you want to extend your stay, make sure you check out the living room tour from yesterday:

Check out this cute living room tour all decked out for Christmas!

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