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Meet Clare Paint – The Simplified, Time-Saving Way To Buy Paint

Picking paint colors and shopping for paint just got a whole lot simpler thanks to Clare paint, the new paint company in town. If you’re curious About how Clare works, how they ship everything directly to your house, and if it lives up to the hype, this blog post is for you.


A huge thanks to Clare Paint for sponsoring this post. All content and opinions are 100% my own! See my disclosure policy for details.

I am always looking for ways to simplify things in our home. So when I heard about a new paint company that supposedly takes the stress out of choosing paint colors and ships paint straight to your doorstep, I knew I needed to give Clare Paint a shot. 

In between being a mom and wife, working full-time, running this blog, and everything in between, I have to be smart about how I use my time. As much as I love leisurely walks down the hardware store aisles, the last thing I want to do is waste my weekend away choosing paint colors. I love spending my free time making improvements to our home little by little and don’t want to waste a second of that precious time.

When I read that interior designer Nicole Gibbons started Clare with the goal of taking the pain out of painting, I was all in. I was beginning to plan some projects in our living room and I knew I wanted white or super light gray/greige paint for the walls. If you have ever tried to shop for white paint, then you can understand why I was dreading that task. It’s hard! So I took a chance on Clare, a new kind of paint company that promised to take the stress out of picking paint colors.

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My Review Of Clare Paint

I’ve been hearing mentions of Clare Paint quite a bit lately, but I think the very first time I heard of them was when Liz from Within The Grove used two Clare paint colors in her bathroom makeover last fall. When she shared a paint company that was simplifying the process, I knew I had to give it a try.

A Curated Color Collection Simplifies Everything

I’m sure you know the stressful feeling of standing in the paint aisle, staring blankly at the thousands of paint swatches. The overwhelming number of choices is enough to give anyone anxiety! 

Unlike other paint companies, Clare focuses on quality over quantity. They offer a color palette of 56 colors because, as founder Nicole Gibbons put it, “you don’t need thousands of colors – just the perfect one”.

Instead of sifting through a mountain of white paint chips until my eyes glazed over, I was able to order sample swatches in a matter of minutes. They’ve done all of the hard work so you know any color you choose is tried and true.


Peel & Stick Color Swatches Mean No Messy Samples

Shopping for paint colors online is a lot like shopping for clothes online. Everything looks great on the screen, but how do you know what they will look like in person? 

Go take the Clare Color Genius quiz to receive a personalized color recommendation based on your room size, which direction it faces, your furniture colors, and if you want something classic or more adventurous. I love taking assessments like this and it was really helpful as I narrowed down colors for our living room. 

Instead sample paints, Clare offers peel-and-stick wall swatches so you can see the color on your wall without making a mess. 

I ordered five color options for our living room and had the swatches on the wall within minutes of receiving them. That’s much easier, less messy, and less costly than buying multiple sample paints and painting them up on the wall. Plus, the wall swatches are repositionable so I was able to move them to see how they looked in different lighting.

Here are the five samples I tried out:

  1. Whipped
  2. Penthouse
  3. Classic
  4. On Point
  5. Chill
(Notice all of those crayon marks on the wall? It feels good to have them all painted over–for now, at least!)

Delivery Straight To Your Front Door Saves Time

Who else gets super excited about deliveries? And when it’s a happy yellow box filled with pretty paint perched on your porch (say that 10 times fast), you know it’s going to be a good day. 


I was more than a little curious to see how they packaged everything so it shipped safely. And it turns out that cute yellow box is designed just for gallons of paint. Everything is snug and held in place by a cardboard insert. And each paint can is wrapped in plastic as an extra precaution. There were also metal clips securing the lids to the sides of the can. 



clare is more than just paint

Of course, you can order all of your painting supplies directly from Clare so you don’t have to worry about buying brushes or paint tray liners or anything like that. Clare has you covered. For those that are new to painting, there’s a starter kit with all of the essentials you’ll need.

Every paint shipment comes with a complementary paint can opener, paint stirrer, and a painting guide. 


Takes Away All Of The Guesswork

Clare was started because painting is stressful and overly complicated. They make paint shopping simple and also provide a painting step-by-step guide. Their tips for prepping, painting, and cleanup are very helpful for beginner painters.


Premium Paint That’s User-Friendly & Safe For Your Home

As I read up on the story of Clare, its mission, and why it was started, I was really struck by how focused they are on the customer. They’ve solved a lot of painting pain points we all have and really care about simplifying painting. There’s no guesswork, no stress, no wasted time. Simply click a few buttons and you’ll have color swatches or paint gallons on your doorstep before you know it.


I used Clare paint in our living room and it was obvious that this is quality paint. All of their paint is self-priming, easy to apply, and provides even coverage with no odor. It is durable and easy to clean, important for an active household (I already washed crayon marks off of my newly painted walls with ease). 

Not only are they friendly to use, but they’re also friendly to the environment. All of Clare’s paints are Zero VOC and Greenguard Gold certified for low chemical emissions. 


Painting Our Living Room With Classic by clare paint

Since our living room doesn’t get a ton of natural light, I knew that near-white walls would bring in that lighter feel I wanted. I chose Classic which is Clare’s lightest beige. It has a clean, modern look that’s creamy and timeless. And it worked wonders to transform our drab yellowish-tan living room walls. Everything feels so much brighter and more modern in here!

I still have a lot of projects to tackle in our living room, but for now, I’m going to sit back and soak in the newly-painted walls. Like I always say, paint has a magical ability to completely transform a room. Don’t underestimate the power of paint when it comes to decorating your home. Even painting my walls a “boring” white was enough to change the entire look of this room!

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Can we just pause and soak in the fact that Clare has taken all of the stress out of painting? My experience using Clare paint in our living room was simple, seamless, and stress-free.

From ordering wall swatches to rolling that creamy Classic color on our walls, I had an awesome experience using Clare. I’ve been wracking my brain for complaints and cautions that you should know before trying Clare. But I truly cannot think of anything negative to say. At $49 per gallon, I can’t even complain about the price because it’s comparable to other paint brands.

You know I’m all about saving time and doing things smarter, not harder. When it comes to house projects, my time is really limited which is why I know I will be turning to Clare again and again as I tackle future painting projects. Go try out Clare’s Color Genius tool and find a cool paint color for your next project!

Have a great day!

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