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Answers To Your Cricut Joy FAQs

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you’re interested in the Cricut Joy, this post Answers the 5 most frequently asked questions I get about it…what it does, how it works, if it’s worth the price, and more.

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It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with all things Cricut. I’ve shared a lot about Cricut machines and Cricut projects on the blog in the past, and I’ve been especially excited to tell you all about the newest addition the Cricut family: the Cricut Joy.

I get so excited every time someone emails or messages me with questions about the Cricut Joy–it really is a game-changer for those who love organizing and crafting! I’ve written quite a bit about the Joy already, but today I want to break down some of the frequently asked questions that I hear again and again about this itty bitty Cricut.

I 100% believe that Cricut machines are worth the price, but I also know they are an investment and can seem pretty intimidating to beginners. Hopefully, this post will help answer your questions and ease any doubts you have! If there’s anything I don’t cover that you want to know, I’m always more than happy to answer your Q’s in the comments or in Instagram messages so ask away!

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Cricut Joy Frequently Asked Questions

When I talk to people who are considering getting a Cricut Joy, they tend to have a lot of the same questions. So today I’m breaking down some of those FAQs for you!


There’s a lot of information in this post, so use the quick links below to jump around:

  1. What can I make with Cricut Joy?
  2. How does a Cricut work?
  3. Is it easy to use a Cricut?
  4. What add-ons do I need to use the machine and how expensive will it be?
  5. Will I use the machine enough to justify the price?
  6. Do I need a computer or any software?

1. What can I make with Cricut Joy?


Cricut Joy is your BFF for smaller projects! If you love organizing as much as I do, the Joy is the perfect Cricut machine for creating custom labels for every room in the house.

I use it to make vinyl labels for all of my clear storage containers like the ones you see in my pantry, craft cabinet, and storage totes. The new writeable Smart Label materials also make labeling a breeze, you just pop in a Cricut Joy Pen and your Joy will write labels and then you’ll replace the pen with the blade to cut them out in any shape and size you want.

Those are the 2 labels I most commonly make, but you can make paper/cardstock labels or iron-on labels, too!

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pantry labels with cricut on containers


Greeting cards are another superpower of the Cricut Joy thanks to its genius card mat and insert card sets. Simply pick up a pack of Cricut’s insert cards (they come in great color combinations) and you’re all set to whip up custom greeting cards in minutes.

So many people have commented on the intricate designs I’ve created for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day cards recently! They really are beautiful. You can cut out a card in less time than it would take to run into the store to buy one, plus you’ll save money, too!

You’ll find predesigned greeting cards for every occasion in the Cricut DesignSpace software so it’s as simple as selecting a design and hitting “make it” in the app. Of course, you can totally design your own cards if you want to get creative! I also like to use the Cricut Joy pen to write a personalized message on the inside of the card when I’m done.

cricut joy making greeting cards


I already mentioned vinyl labels, but there are so many other cool vinyl project ideas out there! I would venture to guess that vinyl is the most popular material among Cricut users. And that’s no surprise because you can use it for all sorts of projects!

Use adhesive vinyl to create decals for mugs and phone cases, wall decals, stencils, signs, coasters, and more!

FABRIC PROJECTS (T-shirts, tote bags, etc.)

I’m always amazed at the creative fabric projects I see Cricut users dream up! The Cricut Joy cuts Smart Iron-On as well as Infusible Ink so you can add your own designs to any fabric base including T-shirts, onesies, fabric bins, tote bags, backpacks, drawstring bags, shoes, and other clothing items.

Do keep in mind that the Joy is the smallest Cricut machine so the size of your designs can be a maximum of 4.5 inches wide and 4 feet long. So you may not be able to create larger T-shirt designs as easily as the other Cricut machines, though in many cases you can break up larger designs into smaller sections and cut out each section individually.

navy fabric bin with pink puzzle label and cricut joy machine


The Cricut Joy is also great for smaller paper crafts such as gift tags, stickers, artwork, party decorations, party favors, banners, place cards, and scrapbook designs. There are so many project possibilities you can create using paper and cardstock!


Most people know that Cricut machines can cut, but did you know they can also write? Swap the Joy’s blade for a compatible pen or marker (tons of color options available) and your machine can address envelopes, create beautiful invitations, write messages inside greeting cards, and so much more.

Check out this post for a detailed list of all materials that are compatible with the Cricut Joy.

2. How does a Cricut work?

The Cricut Joy uses a small blade to cut out designs (here’s a full list of all the materials it can cut). You can also swap out the blade for a compatible pen or marker to write or draw (I promise this is super easy to do).

You create designs in the free Cricut Design Space software which can be accessed on the mobile app or on your computer. You can design things from scratch or search the huge library for predesigned shapes and projects. There are also a ton of font options. Design Space is free to use and has a lot of free designs plus you can pay for premium designs.

To cut out your design, you’ll connect your phone or computer to your Cricut Joy via Bluetooth. No cords needed which is always a plus! The software does a great job walking you through the steps to create your design, it’s very user friendly!

Smart materials can be inserted into your Cricut Joy as is, the rollers will turn and pull your material in and move it back and forth while the blade cuts. If you’re using other materials, you can stick them onto a Cricut Joy cutting mat and then insert that into the machine.

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3. Is it easy to use a Cricut?

The Cricut Joy is the most user-friendly Cricut yet, so don’t be intimidated! There are ZERO BUTTONS on the Joy and a single power cord. You control the machine and create designs using the mobile app or your computer.

Like I mentioned above, you can use the free Design Space software to create any design you dream up. But if you want to keep things simple, there are tons of predesigned projects in Design Space so you can simply choose one you like and follow the on-screen prompts to cut it out.

The software does an awesome job giving you prompts for every step of the cutting process so you really can’t mess it up. And the same goes for setting up your machine–when you take it out of the box, you’re met with simple instructions that will get you up and running in a jiffy and cutting a practice project in no time (practice materials included with the machine).

4. What add-ons do I need to use the machine and how expensive will it be?

To get started with Cricut Joy, I recommend buying the following:

  • Cricut Joy Machine (comes with the blade, power adapter, a black pen, and a cutting mat)
  • Starter Tool Set (unless you already have Cricut tools)
  • Smart Vinyl  – You can get permanent or removable  — pick what YOU need for your preferred projects. I usually just buy removable unless it’s a project that will be near water or outdoors. I also recommend getting a roll of white and/or black to start with since these colors are very versatile.
  • Smart Transfer Tape – this is sized for Smart Vinyl ( buy if you’re getting permanent or removable vinyl — not needed for Smart Labels or Smart Iron-On)

That’s everything you need to get started with vinyl projects which is what I recommend as your first projects whether that’s vinyl labels or vinyl decals.

You’re looking at a little over $200 for the machine, tools, and materials listed above. After that initial purchase, you’ll mostly just need to buy materials for your projects which are pretty affordable.

Check out my Cricut Joy Shopping Guide for a very detailed rundown of exactly what I recommend purchasing. I talk you through all of the must-have purchases along with the nice-to-haves you might want to consider.

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cricut joy making greeting cards

5. Will I use the machine enough to justify the price?

I think a Cricut Joy is 100% worth it! This is the most affordable, user-friendly Cricut machine yet which makes it a fantastic option for those looking to get their feet wet with Cricut. I realize that $200 is a lot to spend on craft supplies but I truly think it’s worth the investment.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much money having a Cricut has saved me over the years. I can quickly make so many projects that I’d otherwise buy! With the Cricut Joy, I will never buy another greeting card or label again. Plus having a Cricut is really helpful for creating personalized, handmade gifts for a fraction of the price of buying something similar at the store.

The Cricut Joy’s compact size makes it easy to store just about anywhere so you can quickly grab it whenever you have a project in mind. All you have to do is pull up the design on your phone, plug in the power cord, and load the material into the machine. I can set it up in less than a minute and most projects only take a few minutes to cut. Plus, the mobile app means I can browse project ideas anywhere, anytime, and be ready to cut my project in minutes.

6. Do I need a computer or any software?

You need the free Cricut Design Space software which is available as a mobile app and on your computer. The software has a large selection of free fonts and shapes you can use to design your projects, plus you can browse thousands of predesigned projects as well. There are plenty of free project designs, though you can also purchase inexpensive premium designs and fonts if you’d like.

Absolutely everything can be done via the mobile app so if you don’t have a computer, that’s no problem at all. I use the app almost exclusively because it’s so easy to design projects while watching TV, putting kids to sleep, or passing time in the car.

Whew! That was a lot of info! I hope this helps you decide if the Cricut Joy is right for you. If you have any other questions that I didn’t cover, leave a comment below or message me on Instagram and I’m more than happy to chat all things Cricut with you!

Learn more about Cricut Joy and the new Smart Materials at Cricut.com. It’s available online and in stores – check out my Cricut Joy shopping list for all of my personal recommendations!

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