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A Sink-Side Tray With DIY Soap Bottle Labels (Kitchen Organization Hack)

Get organized with this pretty sink-side tray for your kitchen. This kitchen hack of using an olive oil bottle for dish soap is so smart! Learn how to make these DIY labels with Cricut Joy.

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One of my favorite things to do is a quick project that organizes a small spot in our house while also making it prettier. And that’s exactly the kind of project I have for you today–a beautiful, organized sink-side tray!

Instead of boring plastic bottles of dish soap and hand soap sitting next to your sink all the time, you might as well make that area look pretty! Now I’m not saying it will make doing the dishes any easier, but I will say adding something special like this feels like a small luxury when I’m cleaning up the kitchen.

Let’s take a little tour of this organized kitchen sink setup and learn how to make these cute labels with Cricut Joy!

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Clear soap bottles with "dishes" and "hands" stickers on them.

creating a sink-side tray to organize your kitchen sink

This kitchen organization idea is so simple: add a pretty tray next to your kitchen sink and top it with glass soap dispensers. So much prettier than random plastic soap bottles, right?

One kitchen organization hack I swear by is putting your dish soap in a small olive oil bottle. It makes it so easy to grab and pour a little in the kitchen sink while you’re doing dishes. No twisting open a lid and no plastic bottle always hanging out next to the sink. It looks so pretty, doesn’t it?

clear bottles on marble tray

Of course, every organizing project needs a good label, don’t you agree? I made these modern soap bottle labels using my Cricut Joy and vinyl. They are really simple to make and I had them whipped up in a matter of minutes!

That’s one of the beauties of the Cricut Joy, the fact that you can have it set up and making labels quickly using very few supplies (the Smart Vinyl means you don’t even need to dig out a cutting mat!).

You can create this same setup with any soap bottles and tray you want, but if you would like to recreate my exact setup here are the products I used:

Cricut joy in the background, bottles and dish scrub on tray.

HOW TO MAKE Soap Bottle labels with cricut joy

This post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure policy for details.

Supply List:

Quick Tip: If you plan to do a lot of labeling projects with your Cricut Joy, check out the Smart Label Essentials Bundle.

Supplies for project including Cricut joy, bottles, scissors, and vinyl


To use my label design, click here to access it inside Design Space. Adjust the text and overall label size as needed.

Note: Because my labels involve layering vinyl, you’ll notice my design file includes two small triangles. Be sure to keep these as they will help you align the words on top of the black background after cutting.

2. Attach All Design Elements Of The Same Color

Select all of the white text plus the white triangle and click “Attach”. Then do the same with all of the black elements.

This will keep them arranged exactly as you have them, if you don’t attach your design elements then Design Space will rearrange elements to maximize your material.


Set your material type to Smart Vinyl – Permanent, and select “without mat” as your material load style.

4. LOAD YOUR vinyl & cut the design

Load your Smart Vinyl into your Cricut Joy machine when prompted. Please pay attention to the color it is cutting first. You should be cutting the white words first, followed by the black backgrounds. But it’s always good to double-check the order shown in Design Space!

Smart vinyl loaded into Cricut joy

5. UNLOAD YOUR vinyl

Once your labels are finished, select “unload” in the app and your Cricut Joy will release your material. Cut off the excess vinyl on your roll so you are left with the sections containing your label design.

Unloading vinyl from the Cricut Joy


Next, weed the excess vinyl away from your design (make sure the little triangles remain on the backing paper with your design!). I mostly used my fingers to weed, but the weeding tool comes in handy for the tiny pieces in the letters.

weeding the vinyl with Cricut tools in the background.
close up of hand weeding the vinyl

7 – Layer Your Two Vinyl Colors

Add a piece of transfer tape on top of your white lettering (and triangle) and smooth down well with your scraper tool.

Cricut scraper smoothing down black and white vinyl

Then fold back the top left corner of the white backing material to expose the triangle only. The rest of your lettering should still have the backing on it.

hand peeling backing off vinyl

Carefully align your white triangle on top of the black triangle on your black vinyl piece. Once aligned, press in place and then slowly peel back the rest of the backing material and smooth down your white lettering as you go.

hand peeling backing material off vinyl

This should leave you with transfer tape on top of white lettering on top of your black label background on top of the black vinyl’s backing material.

"Dishes" vinyl with Cricut scraper

Now that your vinyl is layered, you can go ahead and cut off the triangle and excess material on that side of your label.

Scissors cutting "Dishes" vinyl
glass bottles, Cricut supplies, vinyl are all the pieces for this DIY

8 – TRANSFER YOUR label ONTO THE Soap Bottle

Use your scraper tool to firmly press the design so it adheres to your transfer tape. Then slowly life the transfer tape (your label design should lift with it).

Carefully align your label on your soap dispenser and firmly press in place. Slowly peel off the transfer tape to reveal your pretty new soap bottle label!

Adding the vinyl labels to the glass bottles.
Cricut Joy in the background with bottles and dish scrub brush on marble tray

Isn’t this project so fun? What a simple way to create something pretty and functional for your kitchen.

If you want to create pretty labels like these, the Cricut Joy is the perfect machine for you! You can shop Cricut Joy here.

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Have a fantastic day!

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