July 29, 2022  

Daily Printable Calendar with Time Slots

This daily planner sheet will help you set aside time to plan out your day in very little time. Use this free printable daily agenda to plan all the details of the busy day ahead.

If I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed, one of the best things I can do is sit down to do a quick brain dump and then make a plan of what I need to do that day. And while I love a pretty planner, I also really love the simplicity of using an organizational printable to make a quick plan of attack for the day ahead.

Free printable daily planners are a budget-friendly way to map out your day. You can use the pdf format to either print as is, or type your task list and priorities into the daily calendar template using a pdf editing software if you have on.

My main goal for creating this blank daily calendar was for it to be one central place for planning all of your daily activities and to-do list. I also added space to capture all of those random tasks that pop up throughout the day that don’t need to be done immediately but that you don’t want to forget about for tomorrow. Oh, and did I mention this pretty printable is completely free to download and use?

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Daily Printable Calendar with Time Slots

Click here to download the free printable daily agenda

How to use this Daily planner

This daily planner sheet will help you set aside time to plan out your day in very little time. Spend a little time filling in this pretty printable and you’ll have a great overview of everything you have going on for the day.

Use this daily printable calendar to identify a couple of top priorities for your day in the “Priorities” section. Then use the checklist to write down a list of all of your daily tasks and add a checkmark to the right of each task as you complete it throughout your day.

There’s also space to the left of each task that you can use to assign a time for each task if there’s anything happening at a specific time or if you like to use time blocking to plan your projects for the day.

I’ve also included some space on the bottom left for “Future Tasks” so you have a designated spot to jot down all of the things that you think of that need to be done down the road. Writing those things down always helps me clear my mind by getting them out of my head and onto paper, plus I’m much more likely to remember things when I write them down!

What can the daily agenda be used for?

Use this pretty printable to get organized however you need it! You can use it for meal planning, household chores, goal setting, special projects, tasks at work, cleaning checklist, homework tracking, preparing for special events, homeschool planner, or anything in your work or personal life.

Print a new planning page each morning and use it to create a plan for your day, or print a batch of them and plan your entire week of tasks all at once!

You might love using this daily printable calendar with time slots every single day, or perhaps you only have a need for it on extra busy days. It’s totally up to you!

Who Could Use it?

Employees who need to map out important tasks for each day of the week with one page per day will love this. I like to keep a running task list in Asana so it’s all compiled digitally and then I refer to that as I write down a daily task list on this one-page printable daily calendar.

Students who need a daily schedule template. Tasks can even be broken down into an hourly schedule or time blocks. Using a daily planner can save so much time and improve your time management skills. For my homeschooling mamas, I can totally see this coming in handy as you plan your day.

Anyone for personal, non-commercial use! You could track your daily schedule, physical activity, water intake over the day, important meetings, daily chores, anything!. The way you decide to use this printable planner page is however works best for you.

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Have a fantastic day!

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