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Hi there, friend! You don’t need to be born with a special decorating gene to achieve a stylish home. All you need are practical decorating ideas and advice that give you the confidence to be a decorating superstar. I wasn’t always confident in my own decorating abilities, but I’ve developed an eye for decorating through a lot of practice. I’m not going to encourage you to make over your entire house in a weekend, but I will show you small ways you can transform your home over time. After all, even the small stuff counts.

You’ll find a variety of home decor blog posts here, ranging from simple tips to more involved tutorials. This blog is a place where I share inspiration and teach you how to decorate, and it’s also where I share all of my home projects and room makeovers. My husband and I bought our first house in November of 2014, and I’m always working on a home project of some kind. I’m a thrifty gal with limited tools, so rest assured that the projects I share I ones that you, too, can tackle.

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