January 17, 2014  

Simple DIY Artwork With A Big Impact

Simple DIY Canvas Art

When we toured our living room a while ago, you saw the new canvas art above the couch. I am still liking them and wanted to stay true to my promise and let you in on the secret of how I whipped up these big statement pieces in an afternoon. So, here’s a guide to making your own simple, affordable wall art.

The secret to this art is wall decals. You know all those sticky decals that have become really popular lately? The come in some great designs and quotes. I actually ordered these dandelion decals from Village Decorating, which is just down the block from our place. But I didn’t really think it through because I ordered white decals when I planned to attach them to white walls. Yeah, I know that wasn’t very smart. Since I’m a renter stuck with white walls, the cute decals collected dust for months before I came up with the idea to try attaching them to colored canvas. Here’s a picture of the decal packaging in case you’re curious.


You’ll need canvas in a size that works for your space. I was looking for something quite large to put above our couch, especially since we have really tall ceilings. So I ended up purchasing two big canvases to make a set. I think sets or series of art looks more professional a lot of the time. I bought my canvases at Hobby Lobby and made my husband stand in line with one so we could each use a 40% off coupon. I don’t remember the cost, but they were pretty cheap.

simple diy canvas art

Your first task is to cover your work surface with newspaper and paint the canvas. You can go really simple and paint the entire thing one solid color. Or you can get a little more wild and add some dimension like I did. I’m trying to add more color to our living room, and this added a huge pop of blue. I made the variations of blue by mixing my paint with white. I had a plate with three globs of paint: one was solid blue straight from the bottle, one was about half blue and half white, and the other was white with just a bit of blue. I painted the entire canvas solid blue, and then I randomly layered on streaks of the lighter paint. I did this all while the paint was still wet so the colors would blend together.

To make my pieces look more polished, I painted the edges solid black once the blue dried. You can do that to yours or just go ahead and paint it the same color as the rest of the canvas. I used acrylic paint and a foam brush, and they worked great for this project.


Once all the paint is dried, all you need to do is stick on the decals. It’s super simple. I moved my decals a couple times to get them placed just right, and they peeled right off without hurting the paint.

I was planning to use adhesive to attach the decals more permanently, but they stayed put for several weeks just from their own adhesive so I just left them alone. A few of the corners have come loose since, and I just rubbed a bit of clear Mod Podge underneath the edges to glue them down to the canvas. If you find that your decals aren’t sticking, you could use Mod Podge or an adhesive spray to keep them in place.

Voila! Beautiful, colorful artwork. What do you think? If you wish you were more crafty but never have the time to get around to it, now’s your chance. If you just can’t get enough, you can see a few more pictures of the canvases in my living room tour. Have a fabulous Friday!

Simple DIY Canvas


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    1. I just picked up a couple large canvases from Hobby Lobby.Really any brand of canvas from an art/hobby supply store will work just fine. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. I just found the cheapest one in a size I liked.

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