December 3, 2019  

Easy DIY Christmas Card Holder (And Our Mixbook Christmas Cards!)

Copy this easy DIY Christmas card holder idea for a simple way to display your holiday cards this year. Plus I’m sharing a look at our family Christmas cards from Mixbook!


A huge thanks to Mixbook for sponsoring this post. All opinions of their beautiful Christmas card designs are 100% my own. This post also contains affiliate links. See my disclosure policy for more information.

The excitement I have about checking our mailbox this time of year makes me think I’m a 5-year-old again. I just LOVE getting snail mail and opening holiday cards from family and friends is one of my favorite things.

Sending and receiving Christmas cards is an awesome way to connect with people we don’t get to see often. Do you send Christmas cards each year?

Today I’m sharing a modern and easy DIY Christmas card holder in partnership with my friends at Mixbook, where I’ve ordered our family’s beautiful cards for three years in a row now. I can’t wait to show you the fun wall display I dreamed up and a glimpse at how our Christmas cards turned out this year!





Modern DIY Christmas Card Holder

I always struggle with how to display the beautiful Christmas cards we receive so I really wanted to create a designated spot to hang them up as we open them. Otherwise, they tend to end up getting buried under other papers and we don’t get to enjoy them!

So this year I challenged myself to come up with an easy Christmas card display that is quick and affordable. And I think today’s modern display fits that bill!


  • Canvas
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Scotch Tape
  • Wreath
  • String or Ribbon
  • Mini Clothespins

Step 1 – Wrap The Canvas

First, wrap the canvas with a festive wrapping paper. I rolled out the paper and then placed my canvas on it face-down so I could see what length I needed to cut it at.

Neatly fold the corners just like you would a gift and use Scotch tape to secure the paper to the backside of the canvas.


Step 2 – Add A Pretty Wreath

Wrap a piece of string through an inexpensive wreath and tie the string to the wooden cross piece on the backside of the canvas.

Position the wreath at the very top of your canvas so you have room to display Christmas cards down below.


Step 3 – Add String

Cut lengths of string 4 inches longer than the width of your canvas. This way you can wrap the ends around the edges and tape to the back of the canvas.

I added 4 rows of string evenly spaced which leaves just enough space to hang 5×7 cards horizontally on each row without any overlap.

Step 4 – Hang Up Your Canvas

Hang your canvas on the wall using a small nail or Command hook. Make sure to hang it up somewhere you will see and enjoy it every day leading up to Christmas!


Step 5 – Clip Up Your Cards!

Now for the fun part–displaying your Christmas cards! Use mini clothespins to hang your cards from the string.


Our Family Christmas Card From Mixbook

This is our third year in a row sending Christmas cards and I absolutely loved looking back at our past cards as I was working on our 2019 card. See our 2018 card here and our 2017 card here.

Two years ago, we treated our Christmas card as a baby announcement and had plenty of newborn photos to use.

Last year, we took professional photos with my parents and siblings. This worked out awesome because, in addition to the large extended family, we also got a few photos of just the three of us.

With no plans for professional photos this year, I had my sister take some photos during a visit to an apple orchard this fall. They turned out better than I’d hoped for! They made the perfect photos for the front of this year’s Christmas cards.


Mixbook has hundreds of gorgeous templates to choose from so you’re guaranteed to get a pretty card even if you’re not a designer. Just select the design you like and upload your photos!

I tend to like to customize my cards and like how easy it is to change the size and the number of photos while still keeping the same overall graphic design. It’s nice to have that flexibility!


I love it when people write a letter on the back of their cards and take the time to do so on ours. It’s not very long, just a sentence about each of us. I always have people comment on how much they enjoyed the letter as a little update on our life so I really think it’s worth writing!

Mixbook’s card designer allows you to insert a text box and customize the font family and size which is so handy.


One really nice thing about ordering from Mixbook every year is that I already have our address list uploaded to their website. So all I had to do was update a few addresses of those who had moved and I was able to quickly order envelopes that are already addressed–just add postage! This was a huge time saver.

If you always mean to order Christmas cards but never quite get around to it, make this your year! They are always appreciated by the recipients and they make a great keepsake to stick in your kids’ memory box or photo album.


Thanks for checking out our simple DIY card holder display today! It’s a quick, affordable project that will add a modern touch to your Christmas decor.

Now head on over to to create your family’s Christmas cards (the templates make the whole process really quick!).

You’re invited to join my free “4 Ways In 4 Days To Get Organized For The Holidays” Challenge. It’s a great way to dive deeper and get some free printables to help you get organized for the holidays.


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Have a fantastic day!

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