December 19, 2020  

A DIY Gift Basket With The Worx MakerX

I made the coolest personalized items for this DIY gift basket thanks to my Worx MakerX crafting tools. Today I’ll show you some of the cool things I made like the engraved wine glasses, wood burned cutting board, and more. So cool, right?

This post was sponsored by Worx Tools as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central but all opinions and ideas expressed in my post are my own.

gift basket under tree

Gosh you guys, a month ago I told you about my big plans to learn how to engrave glass and burn wood (something I’d NEVER done before). I set out to create something presentable enough to gift for Christmas and I’m SO PROUD of how everything turned out!

Do you see those monogrammed wine glasses? I engraved those! And the cute tree design on the cutting boards? I did that, too!

Thanks to my new Worx MakerX creative tools, I was able to engrave wine glasses, wood burn a design on a cutting board, and even shrink wrap it all up into a professional-looking gift basket. How cool is that?

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gift basket under tree

What Is The MakerX?

Before we dive into the specific DIY projects I created, how about a quick overview of what exactly the new MakerX is?

The MakerX is a set of go-anywhere crafting tools that are perfect for crafters, tinkerers, and DIYers. These are five compact tools, including an airbrush, angle grinder, mini heat gun, rotary tool, and wood and metal crafter. All of these tools plug into the same power hub which is battery-powered so you can literally create anywhere!

If this is your first time hearing about the MakerX, I went into more detail about what each tool can do in this blog post.

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DIY Gift Basket With The MakerX

I decided to experiment with some of the MakerX tools by creating DIY gifts that could be gifted in a gift basket. And to celebrate the Power of X contest (more on that below), I added an X-shaped design to the front of my thrifted gift box! I love how the X is integrated into a pretty farmhouse-esque design.

gift basket under tree

Engraved Wine Glasses With The Rotary Tool

I used the MakerX Rotary Tool to engrave monograms on wine glasses and am blown away by how well this project went! I really expected it to be challenging, but after an hour or so of practice on an old vase, I felt comfortable enough to move on to my official glasses.

The big thing I learned is to let the tool do the work. You don’t have to put much pressure on it, you really want to slowly move the tool across your glass.

hand holding engraved wine glass with MakerX in background

The Rotary Tool has a fast-spinning tip with a universal fit connector that allows you to attach a variety of interchangeable bits (it comes with several bits and is also compatible with other standard rotary tool accessories). I used the pink cone-shaped engraving bit shown in the photo below.

hand holding engraved wine glass with MakerX in background

My advice is to practice on an old glass or vase until you get a feel for engraving. I also tried a couple of bits until I found one that seemed the easiest to me. Then I just kept practicing with that one until I was comfortable enough to move onto my final project. I recommend sticking with one bit to start with rather than trying to use them all.

I was able to easily trace the monogram design by printing it on paper and taping the paper inside the glass to serve as my stencil. Then I took my time outlining the edges and filling everything in.

I also stuffed my glass with plastic or paper to give it a bit more support while I was engraving.

hand holding engraved wine glass with MakerX in background

I have to tell you…learning how to engrave sounds really daunting, but it was much easier than I expected and SO FUN! I can’t believe how well the resulting wine glasses turned out.

This is a really fun hobby that didn’t take long to learn the basics of plus it doesn’t require very many supplies or much space. All you need is the MakerX Rotary Tool and the Hub to power it. The tool comes with several tips to get you started.

hand holding engraved wine glass

Wood Burned Cutting Boards With The Wood & Metal Crafter

I used the Wood & Metal Crafter to try my hand at wood burning. This is something I’ve always thought would be fun but had never tried. And just like glass engraving, it only took me about an hour of practicing on scrap wood to feel like I could create something presentable.

The Wood & Metal Crafter can be used for both wood-burning and soldering. You have full control of the temperature and the small tool size is awesome for detail work. there are several tips included, but it’s also compatible with all standard tips if you want to expand your tip collection.

wood burned trees on cutting board

I used the cone-shaped tip for my wood-burning project. I found this one to be the easiest to get consistent results with so I stuck with it and practiced my design on scrap wood.

I quickly learned that the key to woodburning is to work very slowly. I wanted to treat it like drawing with a pencil, but you need to move slowly and allow the tool time to do its job.

I created a cute Christmas tree design on a couple of inexpensive cutting boards and think they’re the cutest gift! I even used the included star tip to make the little stars on top of the trees. Don’t forget to add a food-safe finish to seal your design.

wood burned cutting board
gift basket under tree

Shrink Wrapped Gift Baskets With The Mini Heat Gun

One of the other fun tools in the MakerX line-up is the Mini Heat Gun. I bought a shrink wrap bag from the craft store and used the Mini Heat Gun to shrink wrap my gift basket.

The Mini Heat Gun may be small, but it gives off a lot of heat and is going to be a very useful tool to have around. In addition to shrink wrapping, it will also come in handy for quickly drying paint projects, embossing, loosening old paint, and softening adhesives.

shrink wrapping gift basket
emily wrapping gifts with MakerX and gift basket by tree

The Power Of X Contest

There’s still time to enter the Power of X contest! To celebrate the launch of the new MakerX, Worx is hosting a contest and giving away cash prizes (up to $5,000!!). To enter the contest, simply create an X-shaped project using the new MakerX tools and share it on Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest. Include a short caption and tag #PowerofX, #Contest, and @WorxTools by January 8, 2021. See the official rules here.

gift basket under tree

The MakerX has SO MANY capabilities! With five different tools and dozens of tips and bits for them, I’ve barely scratched the surface of what they can do. If you are crafty, creative, or like to tinker, I think you’ll find so many reasons to love the MakerX.

If your mind is bursting with all the fun projects you could make, be sure to add the MakerX to your wish list!

Have a fantastic day!

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