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DIY Unicorn Costume

Looking for a handmade Halloween costume idea for your baby or toddler? This DIY unicorn costume is super cute and very easy to make!


I’ve been looking forward to creating a cute baby Halloween costume for Chloe all year. Does it get any cuter than chubby babies all dressed up?! When I was brainstorming costume ideas, it didn’t take long to decide to make a sweet DIY unicorn costume. Who can resist a super fluffy tutu on a baby?

This is a fun costume idea for babies and toddlers. And it’s so simple to make yourself! Keep reading to learn how to make a fluffy tutu and handmade unicorn headband for your girl’s Halloween costume this year. The nice thing is that this is so easy to adapt to whatever color unicorn you’d like!

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How To Make An Easy DIY Tutu

This DIY tutu is very easy to make and perfect for creating a colorful, fluffy tutu for your girl’s DIY unicorn costume. You can easily customize the look of your tutu by choosing your child’s favorite colors!

I searched high and low for tips on how to make a tutu and this is the easiest method I found out there for making a simple, fluffy tutu.

Supply List

1 | Cut The Tulle

To begin, you’ll need to cut a lot of strips of tulle in every color. I started by cutting about 2/3 of each roll of tulle and ended up cutting a little more to finish things up. This sounds like a lot of work, but it’s actually pretty easy!

Determine the approximate length of the tutu you want to end up with. This will depend on the size of your child and your tutu preferences. I originally made this tutu 8 inches long and ended up trimming about 2 inches off of the edges after it was done because it was pretty long.

The easiest way to cut all of that tulle for your tutu is the cut a strip of cardboard to the length of your tutu plus one extra inch. So for mine, I cut down one of the flaps of a diaper box so it measured 9 inches.


Then simply wrap your tulle around and around the cardboard for a while. This is a good task to do while watching TV. Once you finish wrapping, cut off the end of the tulle and then insert your scissor under all of the layers on one end of the cardboard and cut. This will result in a big pile of tulle strips that measure twice as long as your cardboard template.


2 | Tie The Tulle

Stretch a crochet headband over a paper towel roll. This headband is the waistband of the tutu and the paper towels will hold everything steady and make your life a lot easier as you work.


Stack 2-3 strips of tulle and fold them in half. Then pull the folded end through a hole in the headband, loop the loose ends through the loop and pull tight to knot. Repeat this process as you work all the way around the headband.

When you pull the tulle tight to knot, hold the headband with your other hand. The crochet threads pulled loose a couple times when I pulled the tulle too hard. You can’t tell in the end, but try to be gentle.


You can continue this process until your tutu reaches the desired fluffiness. I did one layer of the dark colors around one edge of the headband, a middle layer of pink and aqua around the middle section of the headband and a final layer of lighter pink around the top edge of the headband.


How To Make A Headband For A DIY Unicorn Costume

Now that you’ve made the fluffy, colorful tutu, it’s time to create a pretty headband for your DIY unicorn costume. This unicorn headband only requires a few supplies and a hot glue gun. Can you believe it only took me about 5 minutes to make it?!

Supply List

1 | Make The Unicorn Horn

Cut a square of gold glitter cardstock, then cut a rounded edge from one corner to the opposite corner (see photo below). The size of this will depend on the size of horn you’d like. I cut a 6×6 inch square and ended up trimming the horn down to be about 4 inches tall in the end.

After cutting the cardstock, roll it into a cone and secure the end with a thin line of hot glue.


2 | Attach The Horn

Flatten the base of the horn and hold in place with a couple dots of hot glue.

Then glue the horn onto the headband. Use a couple of thick lines of glue to firmly glue it in place.


3 | Attach The Ears

Cut out little pointy ears from cardstock. I used purple with a smaller pink layer glues on top. Your unicorn can have any color ears you’d like! You can simply eye-ball the ear shape. Cut one and use it to trace the second so they match.

Glue the ears onto the headband on either side of the horn. (I forgot about the ears until after I added the flowers, so my photos are out of order but I suggest gluing the ears first!)


4 | Embellish With Flowers

Glue small flowers along the headband to hide the base of the horn and ears. I used three pink roses I already had, but you can obviously use any flowers you wish.

You could also embellish with ribbon, bits of fluffy tulle, rhinestones, etc. There are lots of cute photos for inspiration if you do a quick Pinterest search!


Isn’t this the sweetest baby Halloween costume? I cannot wait to hang out in our front yard on trick-or-treat night so Chloe can hand out candy to the neighbor kids and show off her cute DIY unicorn costume!


DIY Unicorn Costume

Active Time: 45 minutes
Total Time: 45 minutes
Difficulty: Beginner

This handmade Halloween costume is easy to make and will look adorable on your baby or toddler girl! You only need a few basic supplies, making this a budget-friendly costume idea.



Unicorn Headband

  • Baby Crochet Headband
  • Small Artificial Flowers (or other embellishments like ribbon, rhinestones, etc)
  • Glitter Cardstock (gold + pink + purple)



  • Scissors
  • Roll Of Paper Towels

Unicorn Headband

  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Scrap piece of cardboard about 8" in length



  1. Cut the tulle into 6-8 inch lengths. I cut about 2/3 of each roll of tulle to start with. See my blog post for my cardboard hack to make this step go faster.
  2. Tie the tulle onto the headband. Stack 2-3 strips of tulle, fold them in half, loop the folded end through the headband, and knot.
  3. Continue tying on tulle, varying colors however you wish. I layered tulle colors in rows from top to bottom.

Unicorn Headband

  • Make the unicorn horn by folding gold cardstock into a cone shape. Secure it with hot glue.
    1. Glue the horn onto the headband.
    2. Cut pointy ears out of cardstock and glue them onto the sides of the horn.
    3. Flue on flowers to embellish.


    Check out my blog post for more details on each step (and hacks to make this costume fast): https://smallstuffcounts.com/diy-unicorn-costume/

    Looking for more Halloween crafts and inspiration? Check out these ideas!

    Have a fantastic day!

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