October 31, 2021  

Our Cozy Fall Deck & New Fire Table

Come tour our deck all styled for fall! We’re enjoying our new fire table as much as we can before the snow flies.

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The warm autumn weather is still hanging on here in Iowa and our family is soaking up the fresh fall air on our deck while we still can. It’s only a matter of time before the snow flies!

We recently added a new fire table and egg chair to the deck so I took a few minutes to style it up all fancy for fall the other day. We enjoyed a beautiful evening of family time with s’mores on the deck and it’s definitely something I hope to make a regular family activity when the weather allows!

I’m sharing a little tour of our deck today and hope it inspires you to create a cozy backyard hangout for your family. I’ll also share a bit more about our fire table because I think it’s the coolest thing–they’re something I’ve been interested in for a while but didn’t know much about!

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Fall Deck Decor

When it comes to our deck, I’m pretty low maintenance and definitely don’t have it all decorated very often. But it felt so special to have it all decorated the other night and enjoy a few too many s’mores around our new fire table.

I had fun cozying things up with a few throw blankets, pumpkins, gourds, and a vase of berries cut from a tree in our backyard.

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S’mores are one of my absolute favorite treats. I love the taste, but I think more than anything I associate them with so many great memories of summer campfires with my cousins as a kid. Even as an adult, a campfire with s’mores is a pretty regular activity when we visit my parents’ farm!

Something I think about a lot as a parent is family traditions. And I don’t think they have to be grandiose traditions, it’s these simple nights making s’mores as a family that our kids are likely to remember the most. And adding a new fire table to the deck has me thinking about all of the fun evenings of s’mores (and sticky fingers) ahead for our little family!

We recently added a fire table and egg chair to the deck and I’m loving them so much! The egg chair is really cute and very comfortable, and Chloe instantly claimed it as her spot.

The fire table is so cool and makes campfires quick and low-maintenance. It’s powered by a propane tank so no worrying about having firewood on hand, plus it’s really quick to turn off and on.

I looked at a bunch of fire tables and I really liked that this one had a spot built into it to hide the propane tank. It also has a nice cover so it can act as a table when you don’t want to have a fire going, plus it even came with a fabric cover to protect it from the rain and snow.

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What are some of your fall traditions? We don’t have a lot of nice weather left to enjoy s’mores this fall, but I’m already looking forward to making this a regular family tradition next year!

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Have a fantastic day!

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