September 28, 2021  

18 Fun 1000-Piece Puzzles With Fall Vibes (Amazon Finds!)

Enjoy a cozy, screen-free afternoon this fall with a cup of coffee and a puzzle! Check out these festive Fall puzzles and Halloween puzzles I found on Amazon.

I haven’t done a puzzle in ages and forgot how much I love them! When’s the last time you did a puzzle?

Puzzles are such a cozy way to unplug for a few quiet moments here and there. And I think choosing a festive fall-themed puzzle is such a neat way to ring in the beginning of a new season, don’t you?

Whether it’s something you do all on your own or if you want to involve the whole family, puzzles are a welcome break from screens and a fun at-home activity you can do at your own pace. And puzzles make great gifts!

I scoured Amazon for the cutest fall-themed puzzles for you, and these are my favorites! I’ve also rounded up some really fun (and kinda spooky) Halloween puzzles if that’s your jam.

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1000-Piece Fall Puzzles

  1. Heirloom Pumpkins
  2. Hello Fall
  3. Reader’s Paradise
  4. Fall Painting
  5. New England Lake
  6. Swiss River Village
  7. Country Store
  8. Memory Lane
  9. Autumn Canal
  10. Quilt Farm

1000-Piece Halloween Puzzles

  1. Spooky Halloween House
  2. Crazy Candy
  3. Haunted House
  4. Harry Potter Great Hall
  5. Yesterday’s Halloween
  6. Witches’ Brew
  7. Harry Potter Diagon Alley
  8. Halloween House

Have a fantastic day!

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    1. It’s just a cheap foam poster board from the dollar store! Just barely wide enough for the puzzle but it worked and allowed me to move the puzzle out of the way when needed.

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