August 7, 2018  

Favorite Features From The Des Moines Home Expo

Do you love touring other people’s homes, or am I the only one? I (miraculously) talked David into spending our date night at the Des Moines Home Expo last weekend and I cannot stop dreaming about the pretty homes we saw!

Unlike the home shows I’ve attended in the past that are rows of booths in an event center, you actually get to tour the inside of real homes at this show! There were six homes on the tour, all at the end of a cul-de-sac in a new subdivision so we could literally walk from house to house. Totally my idea of a great date night ;).

A different builder built each home so it was fun to see the different styles. Some were pre-sold while others are spec houses, all around the million dollar price range. And every home was fully furnished so it was really neat to see how the local designers styled everything.

These houses are most definitely not in our budget, but a girl can dream, right? I got tons of inspiration for our own house and thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite features with you today.

My favorite exterior! I just love that black and white contrast.
This home also has great curb appeal. I really love that the garage isn’t the focal point.
Check out this modern home! All of those clean lines are super pretty and David and I both agreed that the combination of wood and gray looks really nice.
I cannot stop thinking about this kitchen. Those dark cabinets are beautiful as is that big brick island.
Check out this mudroom setup! This was in a little room off between the garage and kitchen and the ledge under the windows was a great little office area. I love the herringbone wood detail on the back fo the cubbies.
I love this green vanity so much!
Totally digging the gray sofa with green and charcoal pillows.
If only I could snap my fingers and make this setup appear in our living room. That sectional is amazing and the pillows add a ton of texture. I’m crushing on the green velvet pillows.
I cannot get this staircase out of my mind. Everything about it is gorgeous.
This study was right off the front door and gave me some major inspiration for our “front room”.
Loved the styling of this dining room.


This shelving was super cool! The stairs to the basement are behind it so the shelves in the middle are actually open to the space above the stairs. So fun!
This office was so simple yet pretty. I love that window seat!


This is the backyard of the most modern house on the tour. It’s not every day you see such fancy pools in Iowa!
Such a pretty room for two sisters to share. They are clearly big dancers…there was even a big dance studio set up in the basement!
This textured bedding is amazing. Also love the black windows!
I’m really digging this color of leather sofas lately!
How fun would it be to DIY this light fixture? They had it hung over the pool table but it would look pretty over a dining table for sure.
I loved the simple styling in this room. Such pretty neutrals.
I have been searching all over for black hardware like these! I need to figure out where they got those pulls because they are amazing.

I hope you enjoyed a little peek at the Des Moines Home Expo! I always think it’s so fun to look around at houses, especially when they are fully furnished. Even if you can’t afford the homes, you’ll certainly walk away with some new ideas. And it was helpful for me to hear what David thought about different features.

Have a great day!


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