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5 of My Favorite Kitchen Organizers

Looking for kitchen organization ideas? Check out this list of the kitchen organizers I use over and over again.

I’ve been on a mini organizing spree in the kitchen lately and am always surprised at what a difference a quick bit of tidying and organizing can do. Truly, taking a few minutes to organize even one small space counts as progress worth celebrating (hence my blog name: Small Stuff Counts). 

All this organizing has me thinking about the organizers I tend to use again and again in the kitchen (and beyond) and I thought it might be fun to share my favorites with you. These are the organizers I’d immediately gush about to any friend asking me for recommendations!

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My Five Favorite Kitchen Organizers

1. Clear Bins With Handles

The MVP of our kitchen organization, these are the best for pantry foods! I highly recommend clear bins with handles so you can easily see what’s inside and pull them down from the shelf.

My all-time favorite bin from iDesign is the one I use most often, both in the kitchen and all over the house. I’ve found the 10x5x6″ size to be the most versatile, but it comes in several widths. The depth of the bin is perfectly-sized to fit upper kitchen cabinets. Here it is in my baking cabinet:


Another clear bin I like is these pantry bins from The Container Store. They are super sturdy, stack nicely, and have integrated handles along the front. They come in several widths and are sized to fit upper cabinets.

I recently used a few in my lower kitchen cabinets and you can fit two front to back in these deeper cabinets:

clear bin in lower kitchen cabinet

2. Lazy Susans

Lazy susans are so great for organizing jars and bottles in the kitchen. They make it easy to reach everything so nothing gets lost in the back of your cabinet.

I keep most of our spice jars in our spice drawer, but lesser-used seasonings and backstock spices go in a divided turntable in this upper cabinet next to our stove. I also have a lazy susan on the bottom shelf for our oils, vinegars, and cooking spray. This makes it super easy to grab what we need while cooking.

spice cabinet organization with lazy Susans and hanging measuring cups

When I organized our fridge, I also added a lazy susan to corral all of the jars and round containers. Things like pickles, salsa, and sour cream are all in one convenient spot and no longer get pushed to the back of the fridge.

I recently added this beautiful black wood turntable to the counter next to our stove for salt and pepper, olive oil, etc. I think it looks really pretty and organized! (By the way, would you ever guess that utensil holder is an old plant pot?!)

lazy susan and cooking utensils organized next to stove

3. Drawer Organizers

A must in every kitchen! I use this line of clear organizers in all the drawers around our house. They come in many sizes so you can create the perfect setup for every drawer.

Check out my guide to organizing kitchen drawers for all of my drawer organizing tips and favorite products for the task.

kitchen utensils organized in a drawer

4. Roll-Out Drawers

Adding roll-out drawers to your lower cabinets is an awesome way to make all of that cabinet space more usable! If you have a builder-grade kitchen like I do, these are a very simple way to give your cabinets a more custom feel and make it so much easier to access everything.

I recently added two of these really nice wooden drawers to our lower cabinets, one for small appliances and another for our small cocktail collection.

adding a roll out drawer to lower kitchen cabinet

These drawers are very easy to install, just four screws hold the drawer slides on the bottom of your cabinet. That’s it!

adding a roll out drawer to lower kitchen cabinet

I also added one of these chrome pull-out drawers to a lower cabinet to create space for our baking supplies. Check out our baking cabinet tour to see more!


5. Fridge Drawers

I added these clear drawers to our fridge last summer and LOVE them. The key is that they are stackable so I can stack them two high on a shelf and easily pull out each drawer without moving anything else.

I keep a lot of our grab and go type of snacks in these, things like string cheese, yogurt, fruit, etc. Tour our organized fridge for more ideas!

Runner-Up: Command Hooks!

I use them everywhere in the kitchen and have a blog post loaded with photos and ideas!

kitchen organization with command hooks


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Have a fantastic day!

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