April 17, 2020  

Free May 2020 Calendar Printables | Sunday And Monday Start

Bring on May with these free monthly 2020 calendar printables! You’ll find both horizontal and vertical layouts and Sunday or Monday starts below.


Even with the uncertainty of being confined to home lately, I’m so excited for May to get here! That means longer days, more sunshine and toasty temps here in Iowa.

Between working from home with a toddler as a new co-worker, keeping up with my blogging schedule, and keeping the house under control, it feels like I’m juggling all the things right now. And whenever life is hectic, I always find it helpful to use a monthly calendar to stay on top of things.

These free printable May 2020 calendars are perfect for your home office or your fridge. I have several variations of my pretty calendar printables on the blog today for all your planning needs in May.

As you prepare to jump into May, take care of all your scheduling needs — whether it be spring cleaning tasks, gardening dates, work tasks or family fun. No matter what you need to organize and schedule, I have tons of calendar versions for whatever strikes your fancy. Having these pretty calendar printables makes planning and staying on track easy!

Btw, you can download the individual printables in this blog post, but if you’d rather save some time and get monthly calendars for ALL of 2020 (in different formats plus undated versions), then go ahead and click here and I’ll email them right over to you. That way you’ll have them for the months ahead!

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How To Use Monthly Calendar Printables 

I feel like you can literally use these monthly calendars for everything, but if you need some ideas, here’s just a handful of ways to utilize them: 

  • Planning homeschool lessons
  • Logging work on a new hobby
  • Planning meals
  • Goal setting
  • Managing project timelines
  • Keeping track of appointments
  • Planning upcoming events
  • Keeping track of homework and assignments
  • Keeping track of kids’ activities and schedules
  • Tracking deadlines
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Planning workout schedules
  • Tracking habits
  • Logging daily activities
  • Planning holiday to-dos
  • Creating a cleaning schedule
  • Planning editorial calendars
  • Logging reading minutes
  • And more!

This printable calendar is designed to be printer-friendly so it can be printed on your home printer without using a ton of ink. You can also have it printed at a copy shop or office supply store if you prefer.

The simple black and white design looks fresh and modern when printed on white paper, or add a pop of color to your space by printing it on colored paper! Jazz it up even more by framing it for the wall or your desktop.

I designed this free printable May 2020 calendar as a US letter size so it’s easy to print at home. You can also scale the size of the calendar in your printer settings if you want to shrink the size.

May 2020 free Calendars 

Call this overkill, but I love these printable calendars so much that I went ahead and made 8 different versions. Choose the best option for your May plans by clicking through the images below. Then, just download your favorite!

And if you prefer, go ahead and click here to subscribe and I’ll email you all 12 months of 2020 calendars to you plus a set of undated monthly calendar printables.









I hope you find these free printable calendars useful! With so many ways to use them, I bet you’ll end up printing several copies ;).

And while you’re here, go ahead and subscribe so I can email you all of the 2020 monthly calendars now so you’re prepared for the entire year!

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Happy planning!

Have a fantastic day!

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