September 25, 2019  

Free Printable 2020 Calendars

Looking for a blank printable calendar for 2020? you’re in the right place! These free printable monthly calendars are available in vertical or horizontal layoutS and sunday or monday start.


Can you believe 2020 is right around the corner?! Although there’s still time to soak up the last quarter of 2019, I want to get these new printable 2020 calendars in your hands early so they’re available whenever you need them!

If you’re not quite ready to think about 2020, go ahead and save the image below to Pinterest so you have the calendar when you need it.



DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE 2020 Monthly Calendars

These free printable calendars include all twelve months of 2020 and feature a simple, modern layout with space to plan and schedule anything you need!

4 Different Layout Options

I had many requests for different calendar formats last year, so I went all out and tried my best to design 2020 calendars that will meet your needs!

This year’s free calendar printables are available to download in the following formats:

  • Horizontal Layout, Sunday Start
  • Horizontal Layout, Monday Start
  • Vertical Layout, Sunday Start
  • Vertical Layout, Monday Start

In addition to those four layouts, each one is also available with two different font options for the month names. The first design features the same clean, modern typography you saw last year. In the second design option, you’ll see the month names written in a pretty script font. Both designs are cute, modern, and will fit any style!

2020 Vertical Calendar, Sunday Start


2020 Vertical Calendar, Monday Start


2020 Horizontal Calendar, Sunday Start


2020 Horizontal Calendar, Monday Start


How To Use These Calendars

I love the idea of clipping these monthly calendars to a cute clipboard or framing them above your desk (like I recently did below).


I find myself reaching for monthly calendar printables often! Here are some ideas of how they can be used:

  • Keeping track of appointments
  • Planning upcoming events
  • Keeping track of kids’ activities and schedules
  • Tracking deadlines
  • Managing project timelines
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Goal setting
  • Planning meals
  • Planning workout schedules
  • Tracking habits
  • Logging daily activities
  • Keeping track of homework and assignments
  • Planning holiday to-dos
  • Creating a cleaning schedule
  • Planning editorial calendars
  • Logging reading minutes
  • And more!

The ways to use them really are limitless, and I hope they help you have an organized 2020!

How To Print these Calendars

This printable calendar is designed to be printer-friendly so it can be printed on your home printer without using a ton of ink. You can also have it printed at a copy shop or office supply store if you prefer.

The simple black and white design looks fresh and modern when printed on white paper, or add a pop of color to your space by printing it on colored paper!

I designed this free printable 2020 calendar as US letter size so it’s easy to print at home. You can also scale the size of the calendar in your printer settings if you want to shrink the size to fit different paper sizes.

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Happy planning!

Have a fantastic day!

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