October 3, 2019  

Free Printable Blank Monthly Calendars

Looking for un-dated monthly calendars? These free printable blank monthly calendars are available in vertical or horizontal layouts and Sunday or Monday starts. Choose the one that works best for you!


I find myself reaching for monthly calendars for all sorts of things whether that’s planning a big project timeline or planning our meals. They’re just so useful!

Every year I share new printable calendars with dates, but sometimes you may find yourself wanting a completely blank calendar. Whether you are planning for a future year or just want more flexibility, the sky’s the limit for how these un-dated monthly calendars can be used.

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These free printable calendars include all twelve months of the year. I designed them with a simple, modern look that will fit any style. Just click the button below and I’ll send the entire printable calendar collection to your inbox!

4 Different Layout Options

Over the years of sharing free calendars, I’ve learned that people have different calendar preferences.

Sometimes you may want a vertical calendar, however there may be other times you may need something horizontal. And although I’m used to calendars starting with Sunday here in the U.S., other areas tend to start the week on Monday.

I did my best to design a variety of calendar styles so you can choose the one that best fits your needs! You can download these free printable monthly calendars in the following formats:

  • Horizontal Layout, Sunday Start
  • Horizontal Layout, Monday Start
  • Vertical Layout, Sunday Start
  • Vertical Layout, Monday Start

Also, in addition to those four layouts, each one is available with two different font options for the month names. The first design features the same clean, modern typography you saw last year. In the second design option, you’ll see the month names written in a pretty script font. As you can see below, both designs are cute, modern, and will fit any style!

Un-Dated Vertical Calendar, Sunday OR MONDAY START




How To Use These Monthly Calendars

Once you have your free calendar, it’s time to decide how to use it! Here are just a few ideas:

  • Keeping track of appointments
  • Planning upcoming events
  • Keeping track of kids’ activities and schedules
  • Tracking deadlines
  • Managing project timelines
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Goal setting
  • Planning meals
  • Planning workout schedules
  • Tracking habits
  • Logging daily activities
  • Keeping track of homework and assignments
  • Planning holiday to-dos
  • Creating a cleaning schedule
  • Planning editorial calendars
  • Logging reading minutes
  • And more!

How To Print These Calendars

These calendar PDFs are designed to be printer-friendly so you can print them at home with minimal ink. And you can also have the files printed at a copy shop or office supply store.

Print on white paper for a clean, modern look or print on colored cardstock for a pop of color!

These calendars are all designed on US letter size paper but you can use the scale settings for your printer to resize the design to fit any paper size you prefer.

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Happy planning!

Have a fantastic day!

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