December 11, 2020  

Tips for Stress-Free Christmas Shopping and a Free Printable Christmas Shopping Checklist

Is Christmas shopping overwhelming and time-consuming? Not this year! Download my free printable Christmas shopping checklist and make a plan today with these tips for stress-free holiday gifting.

Raise your hand if you feel like everyone is better at gifting than you…(ehem, mine is raised!) Everyone else is more thoughtful, creative, or shops at better retailers, right?

Wrong. If you can get your shopping done without worrying or stressing or questioning every purchase, you are WINNING!

I have 5 simple tips for you and a pretty printable gift list for you to fill out. Walk through these with me today and you’ll be well on your way happy holiday shopping and checking names off your list. Here we go!

image of wrapped gifts with overlay of shopping list

5 Tips for Stress-Free Holiday Gifting

1. Set your gift-giving intentions

This may sound silly, but I promise it will help. What’s most important thing for you when shopping this year? Keeping it simple? Getting done early? Sticking to a budget? Shopping locally? Whatever it is, write it down: My gift-giving mission is to _________.

2. List everyone you need shop for

Now is the time to print the free printable gift list. Once you’ve done that, fill in the names of everyone you need to buy gifts for this year. Start with immediate family and spouse, then add extended family, friends, the Secret Santa exchange at work and any gifts you buy for families in need through your church or a charity. Also be sure to jot down gifts for neighbors, teachers, etc.

image of wrapped gifts with overlay of a gift list

If you don’t know what exchanges are happening this year, send a text now and iron out those details. Who is shopping for who? What is the spending limit?

Make a note next to anyone whose gift will need shipped. You’ll want to shop for those earliest to allow for time in the mail.

3. Decide how much you’re spending

Use the money column in the gift list to set a budget for each gift. You can also use it to track your real spending.

4. Brainstorm gift ideas

Set timer for 5-10 minutes and jot down gift ideas for everyone on your list. Taking a few minutes to write down any ideas is a helpful starting point for when you set out shopping whether it’s in-store or online. Consider getting neighbors, teachers, or co-workers the same thing every year so you only make the decision once! If you are at a loss for gift ideas, consult your gift-giving mission. It will lead you in the right direction!

5. Fill in the gaps

Give yourself some time to come up with ideas and do some research. Keep this list nearby so you can add to it any time you have a new idea or want to check a name off.


You’re invited to join my free “4 Ways In 4 Days To Get Organized For The Holidays” Challenge. It’s a great way to dive deeper and get some free printables to help you get organized for the holidays.

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Have a fantastic day!

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