June 1, 2018  

A Free Printable Summer Bucket List

Ready to make amazing memories with your family this summer? Use this free printable summer bucket list to plan all of the fun things you’ll do together!


The start of summer vacation is a time when many of us begin to think about ways to make special memories with our families. With kids out of school, lots of sunshine and daylight and many outdoor events, it makes sense to want to make the most of summer!

I’ve talked to several friends recently about how summer always seems to fly by so fast that we don’t end up doing half of the fun things we had hoped to. So that’s where this summer bucket list comes in! It’s a fun way to kick off summer as a family and a great reminder of things to do before it’s time to go back to school.

Your Free Printable Summer Bucket List

You can write your bucket list on plain ol’ paper, but I thought it would be fun to have something cute to hang on the fridge so I went ahead and designed a fun printable summer bucket list just for you!

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Download the FREE Summer Bucket List Printable

Ready to make amazing memories with your family this summer? Use this free printable summer bucket list to plan all of the fun things you'll do together!

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Creating A Summer Bucket List For Your Family

There’s no right or wrong way to create a summer bucket list, but here are a few quick thoughts that may inspire you as you set out to create your own.

1 | Brainstorm as a Family

This would be a great conversation for the dinner table one night! Go around the table and ask every family member for three things they want to do this summer.

2 | Categorize Activities

I designed the printable summer bucket list with space for activities in four categories: Eat, Do, Create, and Learn. I hope these categories will inspire you as you are brainstorming and that they help you create a well-rounded bucket list.

3 | Display Your Summer Bucket List

Hang your completed bucket list on the fridge where your family can see it every day! This will serve as a reminder when you are struggling to think of activities to keep your kids entertained or when you find yourself with a free Saturday and are looking for something to do.

4 | Check Off Every Activity!

Check off items from the list as you complete them! I think this is a great way to be a bit more intentional about how you spend your time as a family this summer.


I hope your family enjoys creating a bucket list together and enjoys the free printable! Use it as a reminder to make lots of memories together this summer.

Here are a few more free printables you might enjoy! (See them all in the archives here).

Have a great day!




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