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Fridge Organization Ideas – Tour Our Refrigerator!

Is your fridge a mess? Take a peek inside mine for lots of fridge organization ideas!

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Hellooooo organized fridge! I organized our French door refrigerator last week and loved every second of filling up my new fridge containers. This is such a satisfying project!

I originally tackled fridge organization three years ago when I first added clear bins to our fridge and discovered the magic of a tidy refrigerator. I tweaked some things here and there but that system held up remarkably well for three full years.

As an ambassador for The Container Store this year, I was given the opportunity to do a fridge organization project and figured this was the perfect excuse to try out some different containers and share some new ideas with you (plus my fridge desperately needed a deep cleaning anyway!).

Alright, enough chatting–let’s take a quick tour of my newly-organized fridge because it’s GOOD!!

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The Best Fridge Bins

In my last fridge organization project, I used some awesome clear fridge bins from my friends at iDesign. I loved everything about them and have zero complaints, they are reasonably priced and easily accessible on Amazon. iDesign actually manufactures numerous lines of fridge organizers, including the new ones I chose!

For my fridge organization redeux, I thought it was a great chance to test out a different line of containers. The Container Store has several fridge collections to choose from and I went back and forth quite a bit before ultimately choosing The Home Edit’s fridge line. I LOVE The Home Edit bins and have used them in dozens of organizing projects so it’s no surprise I couldn’t resist getting my hands on their fridge bins next!

Most of the containers you see in these photos are from The Home Edit collection, but there are a few others mixed in. While you can always mix and match containers, generally I recommend sticking to one line for a project because the containers are all designed to work together. But I like to break my own rules and branch out a bit sometimes ;).

Here’s a list of all of the clear fridge containers I used:

Fridge Organization Tour

Use Soda Holders To Keep Drinks Organized

Our fridge is always stocked with Diet Coke and Monster for my husband. Since he’s a lot taller than I am, I created a drink zone on the very top shelf for his soda cans. It’s easy for him to reach and keep stocked and keeps the lower shelves open for me to fill with foods I’m often reaching for.

We’ve had this soda can holder for three full years now and we love it. It keeps all of those Diet Coke cans contained so they don’t take over the whole fridge. Update: More recently, we’ve upgraded to this two-tiered soda organizer and it’s even better!

When I was browsing fridge containers for this project, I came across these narrow, shallow bins and grabbed a couple to use in our deli drawer. But when I realized the width was perfect for David’s Monster cans, I decided to use one up on this shelf to keep those big cans all lined up nice and neat.

The little handle on the front makes it super easy to slide out to add more cans to the back when needed.

Designate A Zone For Leftovers

I’ve spent a lot of time playing with different shelf heights and configurations in our fridge over the years and this layout seems to work best for us. I love that it gives me this small shelf because it’s the perfect spot for a leftover zone!

I put leftovers from dinner in our favorite Rubbermaid Brilliance containers and stack them on this little shelf. I also tend to add other foods to this shelf that make good snacks or are items we need to use up pretty soon.

This shelf is the first spot David and I look for things to eat for lunch during the workweek, and it’s also the first place I consult when I’m planning meals because I try to use up any leftover meats or rice or whatever we have if I can. Having all the leftover prepared foods right here at eye level works really well for us!

You’ll also see in these photos that I have a small berry bin on this shelf. It didn’t end up fitting on the shelves with the rest of my new fridge containers, but that’s okay because we tend to only buy berries seasonally so it doesn’t need a permanent spot. Plus, I always make sure we eat berries first before the go bad so this is actually a great spot for them!

MAXIMIZE Space WITH bins that make the most of Shelf space

I’m sometimes asked why you need special fridge containers–wouldn’t any containers do just fine? And the answer is that yes, you can use any plastic container in your fridge. But when you purchase bins designed for refrigerators, you’ll see that they are perfectly sized to make the most of your fridge space.

The Home Edit fridge containers are the exact depth of a standard fridge so they use all the space available front to back, plus they are designed to stack so you can make the most of your vertical space, too.

See below how I stacked these bins two high? I placed the shelf above so it allowed just enough height to fit two of these bins stacked up like this.

The Home Edit line has these divided drawers and I’m really loving them. I didn’t have any drawers like this in my fridge before, and I have to say they are super convenient for being able to grab food without removing the whole bin or having to move the bin on top to get to it.

I’d actually really love it if all of these containers came in drawer form. All of the bins in this collection are sized to fit inside the drawer so I’m totally considering getting a couple more drawers and then sliding my egg container inside a drawer, for example.

Keep Your Eggs Safe In An Egg Organizer

There seems to be a big debate on TikTok right now about whether egg organizers are necessary or not. And I’m here to tell you they may not technically be necessary, but they sure are worth getting! I LOVE having a sturdy bin for our eggs–not only can I easily see when we’re running low, but it also stacks so nicely with my other bins.

This egg organizer has a lid that lifts off and I will say I’ll probably ditch the lid soon. I removed the lid on our last egg organizer and that made it really easy to grab an egg or two out of the fridge without having to pull out the whole bin.

Add A Small Lazy Susan

This is one fridge organization idea I’ve wanted to test out for a long time but never have! Lazy susans work so well in many organizing projects so it’s no surprise they’re a great solution for your refrigerator, too.

This small lazy susan fits nicely on the bottom shelf of my fridge and makes it super easy to grab whatever jar or container you’re looking for without rummaging through everything.

I loaded it up with tubs of sour cream and cottage cheese, a jar of salsa, etc. It’s perfect for these kinds of foods! I also see a lot of people use lazy susans to corral all of their salad dressings or condiments.

Use Specialty Containers To Keep Produce Fresh

The Home Edit fridge collection at The Container Store includes several specialty bins designed to keep your fruits and veggies fresh for longer.

You can see the produce bin in the image below, it’s one of the regular bins with a lid but has an extra (removable) slatted insert in the bottom to keep your lettuce away from the moisture in the bottom of the container.

You’ll also see a large and small berry bin in these photos. The berry bins have a removable colander insert that you can lift out and run under water to rinse off your fruit. They’re so nice!

Use Bins To Divide Up Large Drawers

Our fridge has two large, deep crisper drawers. I like to drop in smaller bins to separate each drawer into two compartments. This helps me organize a few foods in each drawer a little easier, plus the bins are quick to remove and wipe out in case of spills.

I placed a lot of our ready-to-eat produce in our new containers on the main shelves of the fridge. This way they’re easy to see, quick to grab, and harder to forget about.

I like to use the left crisper drawer for large, hardy apples and oranges that are easy to see inside the drawer. And I use the drawer on the right for vegetables, usually overflow veggies or snacks and any veggies that will be used to prepare meals.

Make The Most Of Your Deli Drawer

Our French door fridge has this awesome deli drawer at the bottom and it’s the perfect spot to store meats and cheese. The fridge came with one white divider that I use to section off a spot for meats to go.

The rest of the drawer is open space for sliced and shredded cheeses. I also find this drawer is a good spot to store tortillas, cans of crescent rolls or biscuits, and any block cheese we have.

I added one shallow container to this drawer as a way to contain the smaller items in here. This is the same container I used for the cans of Monster on the top shelf.

Purge Condiments Often And Give Them Plenty of Space

If you haven’t cleaned out your dressings and sauces in a while, this is your sign to do it. I got rid of a few when I tidied up the fridge doors and checked all the expiration dates.

The bottles we reach for all the time are in the right door because that’s the easiest one to grab things out of. And the left door holds things that are more used while cooking or mixing drinks, plus the top compartment makes a great spot for insulin and any medicines.

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Have a fantastic day!

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