January 27, 2020  

Get The Home Edit Look: Organize Like Celebrities With These Storage Containers

Want your house to look like A-list celebrities? The Home Edit organizing duo Joanna & Cleo know how to rock an organized pantry or playroom with their signature aesthetic–bright, airy, and color-coded. Not everyone can afford to hire the pros, but the good news is I know exactly what products they use so we can get the look, too!


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A-list organizers Joanna Teplin and Clea Shearer sure know how to create a jaw-dropping pantry, don’t they?! I’ve been drooling over the Home Edit organizing duo’s work ever since they released their book last year. Pages after pages of color-coded pantries and kids’ rooms and linen closets galore!

I love following The Home Edit’s latest projects over on Instagram (and Clea & Joanna are super funny in stories, too!). Organizing isn’t all about pretty containers and perfectly color-coded bins, but I do agree with their philosophy that taking the extra time to create a beautiful space can be a big motivator in maintaining it.

Not everyone can afford the pro organizers that work with Gwyneth Paltrow, Lauren Conrad, Mandy Moore, and Rachel Zoe. But the good news is I know exactly what products they use and the stores they shop to create the insta-worthy makeovers you see in their book and their soon-to-be-released Netflix series.

I’ve used many of The Home Edit’s go-to products in my home and love them all! I’ve gathered up some of the products they use the most down below so you can get their signature style, too!

Related: Projects where I’ve used their favorite containers:



It was tough to choose just a few, but here are some inspiring images from their Instagram posts:

Get The Home Edit Look: Organizing Bins & Containers

You can get The Home Edit's signature style in your own home! Here are the exact containers they use in their insta-famous pantries, closets, and playrooms. Use these storage containers to make any room beautifully organized!

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