November 11, 2022  

Creating A Gift Wrapping Station Behind A Door

Organizing wrapping paper rolls can be a little tricky. See how I used an over-the-door organizer to corral our gift wrapping supplies and create a convenient gift-wrap station with everything I need to wrap presents this holiday season.

This project was sponsored by The Container Store and this post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure policy for details.

Where do you store your wrapping paper? I feel like this is a category that few people know what to do with. Not only are wrapping paper rolls large and awkward, but they’re also items we don’t need every day but we still want easily accessible whenever we have a quick gift to wrap.

I’ve tried several wrapping paper organization tactics in the past and they’ve all worked okay, but I can tell you that my new behind-the-door gift wrapping station is by far my favorite!

As an ambassador for The Container Store, I was given the opportunity to create a wrapping station using either an Elfa Gift Wrap Door & Wall Rack or an Elfa Gift Wrap Cart. I don’t really have a spot to store a cart, but I came up with the perfect spot for a door organizer! Keep scrolling to see how I turned the back of our basement door into an organized and easily accessible wrapping station.

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Organizing A Gift Wrap Station

Why You Should Have A Wrapping Station

This is one of those things that you might not think you need but once you have one you can’t live without it. I’m a big believer in creating systems that will help your future self save time and stress less, and this is a project that does just that.

Having all of your supplies stocked and organized in one convenient place makes it so quick to wrap the occasional birthday present or power through a marathon Christmas Eve wrapping session. Whether you have a lot of presents to wrap or need a quick gift bag for those last-minute moments, you’ll be so thankful for an organized wrapping station the next time you have a gift to wrap.

It would be pretty amazing to have a dedicated gift wrapping room but that’s not a reality for most of us! A great solution is to carve out a little area in your home where you can store rolls of wrapping paper and supplies.

Choose a Gift Wrap Door Organizer

There are lots of gift wrap organizers out there but I think one of the best options is an over-the-door organizer. Door organizers make use of unused space, don’t take up a lot of space, and give you easy access to supplies so you can grab and go.

The best behind-the-door gift wrap organizer, in my opinion, is the Elfa Door & Wall Rack from The Container Store. I recently used this door organizer in our small entryway coat closet and was blown away by how much extra storage space it created.

I love how all of the components are adjustable so you can create the exact storage setup you need. Now that I’ve invested in two Elfa door racks, I can also see how nice it is to be able to mix and match baskets and hooks. I love the flexibility! Plus, the hooks that go over your door are barely visible from the other side so it isn’t an eyesore.

The Container Store sells a few different gift wrap door racks. They all use the same wrapping paper organizer, the main difference between your options is in how many extra baskets and hooks are included. So choose the one that you think will work best for your needs and your budget, and know that you can also purchase additional baskets, pegboards, and hooks individually if you decide you need more.

Install your door organizer behind a door where it will be out of the way but still easy to access. Ideally, it’s a door near wherever you typically wrap presents.

I hung my Elfa door rack behind the door that leads to our unfinished basement. We don’t use the door that often so it’s completely out of the way, yet once I swing open the door I have an instant gift-wrapping station right next to our kitchen table. The setup couldn’t be any more perfect!

Closets, the laundry room, your home office, a craft room, and the guest bedroom are all great spots for an over-the-door organizer like this.

Organize Your Gift Wrap Supplies

Now it’s time to gather up everything you need for wrapping gifts and fill up your gift wrap door organizer! Let’s take a closer look at how I organized my wrapping paper station.

Rolls Of Gift Wrap – The Elfa Gift Wrap Door Rack is designed just for those awkward rolls. You can fit a lot of rolls in it, too! I have a bit of a wrapping paper obsession so I easily filled the door organizer with just my Christmas wrapping paper. So I decided to set this up as a holiday wrapping station for now and then I’ll swap out the rolls of paper with others that I’ll use for birthdays and things the rest of the year.

Gift Bags – I hung a few smaller gift bags on the pegboard hooks so they’re really easy to grab. I typically use wrapping paper so don’t keep a lot of gift bags around, but if you have large gift bags you might want to find another spot to tuck them away so they don’t take up all the hanging space on your door.

Tissue Paper – Organizing everything this time of year is nice because you can make sure you have everything you need ready to go before the holiday wrapping rush. When I was organizing my gift wrap, I realized I have very little tissue paper so I put it on my shopping list and plan to store a small stack in the big basket.

Ribbon Spools – The door organizer came with these little bins that are a great way to organize spools of ribbon.

Gift Tags – I filled one of the little pegboard bins with pretty gift tags and used a small binder clip to hang a few sheets of gift labels on a hook.

Gift Toppers – Putting effort into wrapping beautiful gifts brings me a lot of joy, so I like to have a variety of little things to tie onto gifts. I hung some cute ones on pegboard hooks and filled up one of the little bins with toppers as well.

Scissors & Tape – These are a must for any wrapping station! I hung a pair of scissors on a small pegboard hook and am happy that two rolls of tape fit on one of the longer hooks. I also have a few specialty gift wrapping tools like a double-sided tape dispenser, a couple of handy paper cutters like this one, and more tucked in the large basket.

Pens & Markers – I always keep a pen and black Sharpie with my gift-wrapping supplies. These are great for writing on gift tags and writing a quick last minute note inside a greeting card as you’re headed out to a birthday party.

Links To Everything I used

The Container Store is my go-to for genius organizing products like the door organizer I used for my gift wrap station. But did you know they also carry a ton of beautiful wrapping paper and supplies? They go all-out for holiday gift wrapping and are one of my favorite places to find pretty papers and tags to add to my collection.

I had so much fun browsing the huge Holiday Shop in my local store and will link my purchases here for you. Check out their Holiday Shop online for more beautiful options or stop by a store to see their huge assortment in person.


Wrapping Tools/Accessories:

Wrapping Paper Rolls:

Gift Bags:

Ribbon, Tags & Gift Toppers:

Our new Elfa Gift Wrap Door & Wall Rack is the perfect solution for a gift wrapping station. And now that it’s stocked and organized, I’m all set for wrapping holiday presents this year!

If you’re in need of a gift wrapping station in your home, check out the door and wall racks and the gift wrapping carts at The Container Store!

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Have a fantastic day!

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