Tired of setting the same goals year after year?

Without time alone to craft intentional goals (with legit action plans for how  you'll accomplish them), it’s all too easy for life to get in the way and before we know it, yet another year has slipped by while we’ve made little to no progress on our goals.

So I guess the real question is...

Are you willing to do things differently this year?



This isn't a lengthy ebook (cuz who has time for that right now?). This short-yet-powerful pdf guide is packed with checklists, planning exercises, and goal setting worksheets (did someone say printables?!) that will coach you through your very own planning retreat.

Here's what this action-packed guide will help you with:

  • Plan the logistics of your personal goal setting retreat (checklists and agenda examples included)
  • Maximize your retreat time with a variety of goal-setting and planning exercises and worksheets
  • Craft intentional goals with a concrete action plan for achieving them
  • Formatted so you can jump into a retreat any time you need it–there's nothing magical about Jan 1 and I actually love to do this once a quarter
Goal Retreat Ipad Mockup With Doodles-01


  • Pay off that debt?
  • Finally declutter your house?
  • Cultivate your marriage?
  • Read a whole heckuva lot more?
  • Learn how to cook healthy meals?
  • Make amazing new friends?
  • Get a less stressful job?
  • Lose that pesky baby weight?

SO what exactly is a goal setting retreat?

A retreat is about slowing down, escaping distractions, and devoting time to dreaming and planning for the year ahead.

Your retreat can be a couple of hours or a couple of days or anywhere in between. The length of your retreat comes down to your personal preference and the amount of  time you have available in your schedule. Whether you have a full day to devote to goal setting, you can only spare a couple of hours after the kids’ bedtime, or you need to squeeze your retreat into your lunch breaks, this guide has you covered with examples of retreat agendas for every schedule.

During your retreat, you’ll spend time doing both big-picture dreaming and detailed goal setting.  You’ll finish your retreat with a concrete plan for achieving your biggest goals this year. 


Your Personal Goal Setting Retreat

Take control of your year and achieve your biggest goals by investing a couple of hours in a personal goal setting retreat.

25 Pages Of Straightforward, No-Fluff Teaching

7 Planning & Goal Setting Exercises

5 Goal Setting Worksheets (printable & editable pdfs)

6 Done-For-You Retreat Agendas To Fit Any Schedule

Checklists & Examples To Inspire Your Retreat

A Proven Process To Identify Goals & Develop Action Plans


6 Done-for-you retreat agendas

While it would be glorious to spend an entire weekend setting goals in a secluded cabin somewhere in the snowy mountains Hallmark movie style, I know you're a busy mom.

I've gochya covered with done-for-you agendas that show you how to squeeze planning time into your already-full schedule (after the kids are in bed, lunch breaks, Saturday mornings....)

  • Lunch Hour Retreat
  • The "After The Kids Are In Bed" Retreat
  • Half-Day Retreat
  • Two Half Days
  • One-Day Retreat
  • Weekend Retreat

About The Author

Hi there! I'm Emily Counts, author of Small Stuff Counts, a blog devoted to helping you create an organized home and an intentional life.

Planning is one of my favorite things and taking time to really sit and plan my goals for the quarter or year has been life changing. I've learned how to set the right goals and how to intentionally work on them through a concrete, realistic action plan.

I’m so excited to see you setting big goals for the year ahead! Devoting time to a goal setting retreat is such an awesome experience that will pay dividends as you crush your goals in the coming months!