Pulling your hair out trying to keep track of all the details that come along with decorating and renovating?

  • Organize every little project detail in one central place 
  • Streamline the planning stage so you can move on to swinging hammers and painting walls faster
  • Plan project details upfront to avoid the last-minute scramble
  • Get organized so you can get to that satisfying "after" picture faster and less stressed

Planning home projects is overwhelming . . .

When your project includes paint sheens, curtain rods, area rugs, sofas and possibly even the kitchen sink, you know you have a lot going on.

It's all too easy to become paralyzed by details and decisions.

In between all of the everyday demands of you family and job, the last thing you need is extra stress from unorganized and poorly planned home projects. 

Home projects can be stressful, but getting organized and planning ahead can eliminate some of that stress.

Save time by streamlining the planning process into one organized project binder where you can keep track of every last detail, and get to the actual project at hand faster.

Introducing Your Home Project Binder

This 110-page printable kit includes . . .


Helpful checklists for managing project tasks, supply lists, and project ideas.

Planning Printables

Powerful pages for planning and organizing every project detail.


Undated calendars and planners for creating schedules and timelines.

Money Trackers

Useful worksheets to track budgets, quotes, savings goals, and more.

Note Pages

Handy lists and graph paper for jotting down notes, ideas, and sketches.

Covers & Dividers

Pretty binder covers and section dividers to organize your binder.


Editable Worksheets So You Have The Choice Of Typing Or Handwriting

All of the checklists, worksheets, and planning pages are PDFs with editable fields so you can type right onto the pages if you prefer typing over handwriting.


Three Color Options For Customizing Your Binder

The binder covers, tabs, and section dividers within this printable kit are available in three colors so you can choose your favorite or mix and match.

What You'll Get...


The Home Project Planner printable kit includes everything you need to organized and plan decorating and renovating projects.

The Home Project Binder

  • 110 printable pages
  • 3 binder covers
  • Binder spine inserts for 1/2'', 1'', and 1.5'' binders
  • Cover pages for each binder section
  • Editable text fields so you can type right into the worksheets
  • PDFs formatted to fit standard 8.5'' x 11'' paper
  • Completely undated designs so you can use perpetually
  • Designed for binders with a 3-hole punch
  • Print release included


  • Master Project List
  • Detailed Project Plan
  • Supply List
  • Project To-Do List
  • Shopping List
  • Blank Checklist
  • Future Project Ideas List


  • Room Audit Questionnaire
  • Design Details Worksheet
  • Paint Color Log
  • Sample Organizer
  • Professionals Hired List
  • Goal Planner
  • Mind Map Template
  • Inspiration Page
  • Graph Paper
  • Inspiration Page


  • Project Timeline
  • Yearly Calendar
  • Monthly Calendar
  • Weekly Calendar
  • Weekly Planner

* All calendar pages are undated so they can be reused year after year.



  • Project Budget
  • Quote Tracker
  • Items To Sell
  • Donation Log



  • Gift Wish List
  • Home Wish List
  • Graph Paper
  • Notes Page


  • 3 Binder Covers
  • 3 Sizes Of Binder Spines, Each In 3 Colors
  • 3 Binder Back Covers
  • 5 Section Dividers, Each In 3 Colors
  • 16 Section Divides By Room, Each In 3 Colors
  • 3 Blank Section Dividers, Each In 3 Colors


Hi there! I'm Emily Counts, the creator of the Home Project Planner printable kit and the author of Small Stuff Counts, a blog devoted to helping you create a beautiful, organized home, one project at a time.

Planning is one of my favorite things and I often design organizational printables to wrap my brain around a project. Getting everything out of my head and down on paper is super helpful! I designed this set of printables to be a central place to track all of the ideas, details, logistics and lists related to home projects both big and small. I hope you find it helpful! 

 When I'm not busy organizing and decorating everything in sight, I work full time as a marketing professional. I'm a lifelong Iowan and currently reside in central Iowa with my husband and daughter.