Losing your mind trying to keep up with everything around the house?


Escape survival mode and join fellow busy moms inside HomeSanity, a powerful new program where we'll uncover practical strategies to simplify and streamline your never-ending tasks and create household rhythms that last a lifetime.

Bummer! The doors to HomeSanity are currently closed.

We'll be enrolling new students in early 2022. Join the waitlist so you don't miss it!

👋 Hey Mama, Does This Sound Like You?

  • you're drowning in a never-ending pile of dirty dishes
  • you have no idea how you'll ever catch up on laundry
  • you dread the daily "what's for dinner" question
  • you're so tired of spending all day cleaning only for the house to look like chaos the minute you sit down
  • you feel so overwhelmed...how do other moms do it all?

You're in the right place! HomeSanity will give you tools, motivation, encouragement and support on your journey to creating household routines that last a lifetime.

By the end of this program, you will:

  • Never have to play catch-up on an avalanche of dirty dishes again
  • Have your laundry running on autopilot so it's no longer a source of stress (plus no more searching for clean underwear!)
  • Have a (super simple) system in place for keeping track of schedules + to-dos to keep you sane and keep your family all on the same page
  • Stop letting dinner take over your life every night because you're a mom with a plan for easy weeknight meals
  • No longer spend your entire Saturday running all over town looking for toilet paper and postage stamps -- all of that mundane shopping is on autopilot
  • No longer waste your time cleaning things that don't matter and your house will actually feel presentable for unexpected guests 

Bummer! The doors to HomeSanity are currently closed.

We'll be enrolling new students in early 2022. Join the waitlist so you don't miss it!

What's Inside...


Dishes Routine

Stop playing catch-up all the time and finally figure out a system to keep up with the never-ending dirty dishes.

You'll learn a few key strategies for simplifying this dreaded chore and creating a daily routine that feels manageable.


Laundry Routine

Stop letting the laundry pile up and figure out  routine that gets your laundry done on autopilot.

You'll discover some smart ways to simplify laundry by eliminating unnecessary work and creating a laundry routine that works for your family's lifestyle.


Planning Routine

Stay on top of things with a simple system for tracking to-dos and schedules. Plus learn how to involve your family so everyone's on the same page. 

You'll create a couple mini planning routines that help you prepare for the day ahead, anticipate needs later in the week, and stop forgetting things until last minute.


Efficient Errands

Quit wasting time running all over town doing mundane errands. Let's automate things and save yourself a boatload of time!

You'll learn practical strategies for automating the shopping you hate doing (more time for leisurely strolls through Target) and set up a system so you never run out of the essentials again (no last-minute runs to the store!).


Meal Plan

Stop stressing about what's for dinner tonight by creating a super flexible meal plan that means you can get dinner on the table even when you have no brain power left after a long day.

Un-complicate meal planning and food prep, discover the 10 heroes of weeknight dinners, and get food on the table without losing your mind.


Cleaning Routine

Stop wasting time cleaning things that don't matter! Discover the handful of cleaning tasks that you and your family actually care about and figure out a game plan for keeping those key things clean.

Your house will feel cleaner, you'll be able to relax without feeling guilty for not cleaning instead, and things will be acceptable should an unexpected visitor drop by.

Each module includes 2-5 video lessons along with a PDF guide packed with printables, reference sheets, checklists and assignments to implement as you learn.

Take a quick tour around inside HomeSanity:

Access the course anytime, anywhere you have Internet or your phone

Listen to lessons in the car podcast-style, download PDF assignments during your lunch break, and reference the content again and again.

The course is hosted on the Teachable platform so you can log in on your computer or the mobile app, track your progress as you complete each lesson, and access the course as many times as you'd like.

Bummer! The doors to HomeSanity are currently closed.

We'll be enrolling new students in early 2022. Join the waitlist so you don't miss it!

When you enroll, you'll get...
(A $499 Value)
  • 6 Value-Packed Modules  with video lessons teaching you exactly HOW to implement daily and weekly rhythms that are essential in every house.
  • 6 In-Depth PDF Guides full of printables, checklists, sample routines, worksheets, reference sheets, and recaps of the main points of each lesson.
  • Quickstart Assignments to help you implement your learnings immediately so you see fast results.
  • 4 Weeks Of Q&A where you'll be able to submit your questions and I'll record a weekly video for you answering all of your questions rapid-fire style. This is your chance to dig deeper on a topic, ask for clarity about anything you're learning, ask for more examples of how I implement things in my own life, and more. 
  • Listen On The Go just like your favorite podcast! While the course training videos do have visuals for those who prefer to watch, I designed each lesson to be listened to as audio only. 
  • Go At Your Own Pace. You get access to the full course all on day 1 so you can make your way through the trainings at your own pace. Whether you want to whiz through it all in a weekend or take your sweet time in the coming months, you'll have access to everything any time you're ready to dive into the next lesson or want to revisit a topic for a refresher.
  • Convenient Access to the entire course from your phone or any device via the Teachable course platform (accessible via browser or mobile app). Listen to trainings on the go, track your progress, and complete the course in the margins of your day all from your phone. (Psst...this is the perfect thing to listen to while folding the laundry or doing the dishes!)
  • Lifetime Access so you can revisit the course again and again as your season of motherhood changes. You'll also receive future updates and additions to the course at no additional charge. For your one-time fee, you get continual access for the lifetime of the course.
Plus these Bonuses to set you up for success
Bonus 1:
Weekend Decluttering Sprint
(A $14 Value)

A step-by-step plan for tackling a huge amount of household clutter in one focused weekend of decluttering.

This workbook-style guide is filled with action-packed lessons, helpful tips, insightful worksheets, and decluttering printables to set you up for a successful weekend of decluttering. After completing your weekend decluttering sprint, you’ll have purged a huge amount of clutter and be armed with some basic clutter ground rules that will help you keep the clutter away for good.

Bonus 2:
Course Completion Guide
(A $10 Value)

This quick-hitting guide is your cheat sheet to all things HomeSanity. Use it to identify create a plan for completing this course and track your progress as you go.

Bummer! The doors to HomeSanity are currently closed.

We'll be enrolling new students in early 2022. Join the waitlist so you don't miss it!

Hey there! I'm Emily

Hi, I'm Emily, the creator behind HomeSanity. I help women create homes they love through my blog, smallstuffcounts.com, and social media (@smallstuffemily). As a content creator, I share practical tips and approachable tutorials all from the perspective of a busy working mom. I love to chat decluttering, organizing, home management, motherhood, and simple DIY home projects. 

HomeSanity was created out of a constant need I hear from moms struggling to get organized. I believe that before you'll ever have long-lasting success organizing your home, we need to start back at the basics: home management 101. And that's how HomeSanity was born. This program is packed with all of my time-saving tips and practical approach to running a home without losing my mind while also juggling work, family, and LIFE. Let's regain your sanity, shall we?

Burning q's from fellow moms
Q: this seems like a lot of money to spend on myself. Is it worth it?

Moms have a tendency to prioritize everyone and everything before themselves. But please hear me when I say this is NOT frivolous!

This small investment will make you a less stressed, less overwhelmed mother and wife. This is you betting on yourself, betting that a few simple changes will lead to a lifetime of less stress over mundane house stuff and more time living life.

Plus, charging for this course allows me to pour my time into fully supporting you through this journey more than I ever could with the free content I offer.

Q: I'm already so overwhelmed, will i have enough time to do this?

I've developed HomeSanity with the busy mom in mind. I'm not going to waste your time. My goal is to teach you the essentials, the things that will make 90% of the difference in your home. You can complete the course at your own pace on your own schedule, and all of the lessons can be accessed on your phone podcast-style so you can listen while folding the laundry or doing the dishes. 

Q: How do I explain this to my Spouse?

Most spouses want their wives to be happy so start by explaining how stressed you are about household chores all the time. Let them know this is an investment for lifetime access to a course that teaches the essentials you weren't taught in school. This program will give you the tools and motivation you need to make some changes for the better in your house which ultimately impacts your entire family. 

Q: What If I'm not a mom?

While I've developed HomeSanity with the needs of busy moms in mind, the core principles taught inside HomeSanity are applicable to anyone who manages a home. So if you need support in this area but aren't a mom with kids at home, you are more than welcome to enroll.

Have a question that's not answered here? Email emily@smallstuffcounts.com or message me on Instagram and I'd be happy to chat with you!

Bummer! The doors to HomeSanity are currently closed.

We'll be enrolling new students in early 2022. Join the waitlist so you don't miss it!