October 29, 2015  

How can there be this much chaos? – ORC Week 4

Decorating projects always seem to throw a room into complete chaos, don’t they?

In the midst of your hard work, you freeze.

You are holding your measuring tape, arms covered in paint splatters and hair dusted with cobwebs, and your eyes scan the room. How could it possibly look so horrible? Your efforts to spruce it up have actually made it look like a dust storm swept through the place.  The room looked okay before you started…so how does it look so much worse now?

This exact moment happens to me every single time I’m decorating or organizing my house. I seem to tear the whole room apart before I can start putting it back together again.

I’ve passed the halfway point in the One Room Challenge, where bloggers spend six weeks transforming a room in their homes and share weekly progress updates. This challenge has been awesome for me. Instead of bouncing around dabbling in projects in every room of my house, I’ve actually been doing pretty well at focusing my decorating efforts on one room: my empty-basement-room-soon-to-be-craft-studio. Here’s what I started with:


Last weekend, I reached the point where I dropped everything and just stared at the mass chaos. This room was completely empty when I started, and it still looked like a dust storm blew through it. How can that be?

I was not feeling too hot about my progress (or lack thereof). It’s just a few days after that moment of doubt, and I’m am bursting with excitement about the progress I’ve made. You see, I had been in the midst of so much painting and gathering supplies that the place was a mess.

This week changed all of that.

I moved in furniture this week and did some decorating, so it actually looks like a real room I would hang out in as opposed to an ugly concrete jail cell. I did three things that weren’t on this week’s to-do list, but that I’m most excited about:

First, I hung up the giant whiteboard calendar. What an awesome secondhand find, right? I’m just so dang excited to have this on my wall. It’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of! (Okay, maybe not everything. But pretty close 😉 )

Up your productivity with a giant whiteboard calendar in your office

I also added an idea wall on the opposite wall. I screwed in a curtain rod near the ceiling and then hung a roll of white craft paper from it. It’s amazing! I used a couple command hooks and ribbon to hold it against the wall and now I have a place to make to-do lists, brainstorm, doodle, etc. And when I run out of room, I’ll simply cut off the bottom and pull down some more paper. I’m such a planning nerd!

Craft room inspiration: giant brainstorming and planning wall

The third thing I did this week wasn’t ever part of my plan. My sister just moved into a furnished apartment, so much of her furniture is on extended loan to me. She and I found two gold chairs at Goodwill many years ago, and they’ve been passed back and forth between dorm rooms and apartments dozens of times. It’s my turn to have them back, and one has already made it’s way into this room makeover. She also gave me this nice ottoman. This little reading nook is the perfect unplanned addition to the room.

Every craft room and office should have a comfy reading nook

And now, here’s an update on the four items that were actually on my to-do list for this week:

1. Finish painting all four chairs.

Two of my four thrifted chairs are 100% complete after a few coats of paint and new seat coverings (Hobby Lobby clearance aisle find). The other two chairs are still in the paint stripping phase. Once I finished painting the first two, I instantly wanted to finish them so I could admire their newfound colorfulness. I simply stapled the white vinyl over the existing seats and screwed them back onto the chairs.

Refinish thrifted chairs with a bit of paint and TLC

2. Move in the table and desk.

Lots of furniture got moved in over the past few days. The beauty of this is that I’ve managed to find free or thrifted furniture for this room thus far. The glass desk, the reading nook furniture, and the big craft table (more photos to come next week) are all moved in. Next up: shelving.

These blue chairs add pretty color to this office

3. Research lighting options.

I was so busy organizing the room this week that I didn’t get anything done with lighting. Shoot.

4. Find a fun tablecloth to protect the table during crafting shenanigans.

I discovered that standard size shower curtains are the exact right size for this table. So…..of course I didn’t buy something meant to be a tablecloth. Instead, I have a heavy white shower curtain liner de-wrinkling for use as my tablecloth. I love using things for unintended purposes! Plus, it was way cheaper than any tablecloth I liked.

Goals for this week:

  1. Buy/Build/Beg/Borrow shelving for storing craft supplies
  2. Officially decide on lighting to replace the sad-looking single bulb
  3. Organize craft supplies in the room
  4. Paint the last two chairs

Thanks for reading! I wish I could invite each and every one of you over for an evening of wine and crafting in my new creative space.

It is so fun to follow the progress of other bloggers’ room makeovers during the One Room Challenge. Head over to Calling It Home to find links to all of this week’s room updates from 100+ other bloggers.

Office are so much more fun with pretty notebooks and furniture!

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