January 8, 2021  

How To Organize Batteries (A Simple 5-Minute Solution!)

Are batteries all over your house, hiding in places you can’t keep track of? Store all your batteries in one tidy bin so you always know what you have. Follow these simple steps to get them organized!

battery container holding a variety of batteries

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We had batteries in five different spots in our house. It all started when we moved here, we had batteries in a couple different bins that were shoved in different closets. We never found a good spot for them and it seems like they’ve multiplied over the past couple years!

I’m so excited to finally have them all in one place so we know where to look and exactly what we have on hand. This battery storage container was perfect for the job. It’s clear and has a hinged lid so I can see what’s in there and stack it with other containers.

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This post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure policy for details.

How to organize batteries

Here are the five simple steps to follow so that you know what batteries you have and where to find them.

Step 1: Gather All of your batteries

As I mentioned, I had batteries in FIVE different spots in my house. That makes it so hard to keep track of your inventory! Gather them all up in one location to get started.

variety of batteries

Step 2: Throw out Packaging

Take the batteries out of their packaging. It’s bulky and takes up unnecessary space. If you have some tiny or unique batteries that you want to remember what they are, you can cut out the important part of the package label and tape it to the bottom of your storage bin.

Step 3: Sort by battery type

Now that everything is consolidated, sort the batteries into their various sizes.

Step 4: Organize them in a clear container

This nifty container by iDesign is perfect for the job! It’s clear, has a hinged lid, and the dividers that are great for lining up batteries. It’s the same style as the containers I’ve used for my craft supplies that work so well!

batteries and a battery organizer container

Step 5: Designate a home for your batteries

Store this container somewhere that’s easy to access and that makes sense in your home, so you always know where to go when you need a battery. Just make sure it’s stored in a safe spot that’s well out of reach of little kids!

batteries organized into a container

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