July 16, 2021  

How To Organize Makeup In Drawers

Maximize bathroom drawer space by getting your makeup organized! Pretty colors and organizers make this a fun, easy afternoon project.

organized makeup drawer

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I have loved going through this bathroom and updating it from floor to ceiling. I’ve painted the walls, ceiling, and cabinet, I’ve decorated, and finally organized this entire vanity. You can see the full transformation of our cookie-cutter bathroom here.

Organizing my makeup drawer was one of those tasks I put off for far too long. It was a pretty quick project that makes it soooo much more enjoyable to get ready in the morning. And no more crammed drawer means I can actually find up the make I want!

Below are my tips and tricks for organizing your makeup in a bathroom vanity drawer.

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before and after photos of makeup drawers

How to organize makeup

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If you’re anything like me, your makeup isn’t at the top of your priority list when it comes to cleaning and organizing. After all, you’re probably the only person who sees it!

Heres how my makeup looked before. Clearly it needed some help!

bathroom counter with makeup and hair supplies
woman's bathroom drawer full of products
bathroom drawer full of makeup and hair supplies

Step 1: gather all of your makeup and sort into categories

Get all of the makeup out of your drawers and cabinets. Look through your purse and see how many lipsticks have been hiding in there, too 😉

Sort it into categories – face, lips, eyes, brows, etc.

Clean out the drawer that you plan to put them away in. I like to just wipe it out with a damp paper towel.

Step 2: Purge!

Go through every makeup product and open it up. Here are some questions to ask yourself.

  • Have I used it in the past three months? If not, consider tossing it. Don’t hang on to things that will just take up space.
  • Do your spare tubes of foundation and concealer match your skin tone? If not, throw it away.
  • Do you like it? If not, toss.
  • Are you saving it for the crazy chance you might want to wear it to an 80s themed party someday? Okay, you can keep it. But only one. Don’t be saving a ton of products that you probably won’t need.

STEP 3: choose your containers

I used the clear iDesign drawer organizers that I’ve used all over my house for this project. I love using the same projects in multiple spaces because it makes it easy to switch things up as our needs change or for a future move.

Quick tip: If your little bins are sliding around when you open and close your drawer, add some museum gel. One tub of it lasts forever – you don’t have to use much at all! I’ve got a post all about the best products for organizing drawers, and the museum gel is included. Check that out here.

clear organizing containers for bathroom organization

Step 4: decide where you want to put everything

If you don’t have a ton of makeup, put each category away in its own bin.

If you do have a lot of makeup, you can put all the categories away as I mentioned, OR you can make a dedicated “daily” section of your drawer first, then follow it up by categories.

Here’s what I mean. Grab a larger bin and put it toward the front of your drawer so you can access it easily every morning. Put all of the products you know you use every single day in that bin. Then put the extras and back stock and fun eyeshadows you don’t wear all the time in other bins behind it, organized into categories.

bathroom drawer with makeup

I hope you enjoy your newly organized makeup drawer! Have fun getting ready tomorrow morning!

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Have a fantastic day!

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