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Ideas for Hanging Towels in a Bathroom

Get creative with different ideas for hanging towels in your bathroom! Improve your bathroom’s functionality and stay organized.

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If you’ve found yourself stuffing towels under the bathroom sink or tossing them over the wall of the shower, I’ve got a few creative ideas for you – all within a super reasonable price range. Getting creative with different ideas for hanging towels in your bathroom will improve your bathroom’s functionality and make getting ready and staying organized much easier. 

One of my favorite things is filling my home with items that are as beautiful as they are functional. Simply swapping your generic builder-grade towel bar with a row of pretty towel hooks can really elevate the look of your bathroom instantly. A bathroom doesn’t have to be ugly, basic, or boring to be functional and useful. 

How you store hand towels, bath towels, and other bath linens plays a big role in the overall look and functionality of your bathroom. Storing them in a pretty but practical way can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Here are a few towel display ideas to keep your bathroom looking stylish and practical – all on a small bathroom budget!

Towel Hooks

My favorite solution for bath towels! Hooks are great for small bathrooms because they take up less wall space than a large towel bar. This way, you can hang a few towels beside each other on a small wall. 

Hooks come in an endless assortment of styles and designs, and you can add a row of free-standing hooks to your bathroom or look for a set of hooks or hook rack that has multiple hooks.

Hooks are a classic hanging solution for the bathroom. In our primary bathroom, I added a small set of hooks next to the shower, so they are easily reached.

If you don’t have a lot of wall space, attach the hooks to the side of a cupboard or freestanding cabinet. A hook behind the door is another reliable option. 

Here are a few towel hooks options:

bathroom towel hooks
This small wall next to our shower was a great place for a set of towel hooks! Check out more of our small bathroom makeover here.
I personally will always recommend replacing your basic towel bar with a set of hooks instead. If you need help, Amanda has a great tutorial on how to hang bathroom towel hooks.
Check out this gorgeous bathroom renovation from Making Manzanita! She added simple bath towel hooks on each side of the shower door.
Can you believe Lora made these hooks herself?! They’re beautiful! Learn how to make your own DIY wood towel hooks.
Christine added the cutest shark towel hook to her kids’ bathroom.
This DIY rustic towel rack is so cute and a really simple DIY project.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are ideal for small bathrooms! Easily display decorative items, stack towels and washcloths for guests, and keep bathroom essentials within reach.

I found a set of floating shelves to add above the toilet that includes a small hanging bar, so I can hang wet washcloths and hand towels there, too. This is a great way to give a tiny bathroom a little more functionality and interest.

A few floating shelf options:

These bathroom shelves over our toilet are really affordable and I love the little towel bar underneath!
Making Manzanita built this DIY towel rack herself! What a great way to use that space above the toilet.
Here’s another example of floating shelves above a toilet. Amber Oliver folded her spare bath towels neatly on one of the shelves so they are up out of the way yet still easy to grab.

Wall Baskets

Floating wicker baskets are another floating storage option. These are excellent for storing spare towels and washcloths! Hang baskets vertically along a long, empty wall or horizontally above a commode.

You can find wall baskets in various sizes and shapes. And don’t overlook the thrift store – baskets are usually in abundance and you can easily spray paint wicker baskets to make them more your style.

Wall basket ideas:

Simple baskets can make great towel storage on an empty wall.

Floor Baskets

For a collected look, store dry bath towels in a large basket on the floor. This solution ensures that every guest knows exactly where the towels are kept.

When the towels are rolled, these big, oversized baskets can store five or more towels at a time, which frees up a lot of under-the-sink space. Simply fold the towels in half lengthwise, then roll the short end into a neat little package.

To amp up the functionality, add a smaller empty basket nearby for used towels if you have the space.

Basket options:

Aren’t these towel baskets perfect under Bigger Than The Three Of Us’s bathroom sink? Love them!

Towel Ladders

If you are lacking in floor space, leaning a ladder against a wall is an excellent way to capitalize on vertical space. Think blanket ladder, only for your bath towels!

This display works for both damp and dry towels. Use the top rungs to drape hand towels and wet or dry bath towels. Hang matching containers on the bottom rungs for small bathroom accessories, such as brushes and combs.

You can find blanket ladders online and while many are farmhouse style, there are modern ladders out there as well. For a budget-friendly solution, find an old wooden ladder at a flea market or thrift store and freshen it up with a coat of paint. Or, you can go the DIY route and build your very own ladder (this is an awesome beginner woodworking project!).

This towel ladder adds great storage to Lindi’s modern bathroom.

Towel Bars

Most homes and apartments come with pre-installed towel bars. You can easily swap those out for a towel bar in a style and finish that you love. 

If you have minimal wall space, try vertically “stacking” them on a wall or install a multi-arm swing rack for multiple towels.

Of course, hanging towels on the shower door handle is always a classic solution.

Towel Rings

Towel rings are not just for hand towels anymore! If you are short on wall space, mount a stylish towel ring to hang damp and dry bath towels. Be sure to use a wall anchor when installing towel rings for bath towels as they are quite a bit heavier than hand towels.

This is a creative way to think outside the box, keep things tidy, and stay organized.

Of course, you can use towel rings for hand towels, too. These come in so many shapes, finishes, and styles. You can even mix metals for a collected look like we did in our modern green bathroom.

This towel ring works great for hand towels in our modern green powder bathroom.
I love this modern black towel ring I added during our small bathroom makeover.

Free-Standing Cabinet

A free-standing cabinet is a great storage solution for towels and other bathroom accessories. This is one of my favorite ideas for a larger bathroom. You can find these in many different styles and sizes.

Major bonus: most of these have shelving and closed cabinetry for all the storage options! 

An old armoire, computer cabinet, or small hutch is perfect for this bathroom transformation. Simply polish it up with a coat of paint, add new hardware, and organize your bathroom items. Attach hooks to the exposed sides for hanging wet towels.

Accordion Wall Hooks

If you have multiple people using the same bathroom, an according hook is a genius idea! We added one of these to our hall bath when we updated the small bathroom on a budget

Accordion wall hooks come in wood and plastic and in various colors. Try spray paint to match the hardware in the bathroom or to give it a pop of color.

These hooks are versatile so you can use them for hanging towels, bath robes, clothing, and more.

Finding a spot for hanging towels in a bathroom can be challenging, especially if space is limited. 

Deciding on how and where to hang bathroom towels may seem like a small detail, but an organized bathroom is a functional bathroom. Plus, seeing your towels in a visually pleasing way does a mind good! Whether you have a small bathroom in an apartment or a large master bathroom, finding creative ways to stay organized is key.

This accordion towel hook is really cute in our kids’ hallway bathroom. The hooks we used are no longer sold, but here is a similar option.

I hope this gave you lots of great ideas for hanging towels in a bathroom! Did I miss any genius ideas? Which one are you going to try in your bathroom?

Have a fantastic day!

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